Dan and Hannah on Nutrition, Fitness, and Smart Choices

You know, you just might be making healthier choices than you realize.  Then again, maybe you are ready to change a few of your choices to be happier and healthier.

Below are three lists that focus on the choices you can make as far as your daily living, eating habits, and lifestyle choices.  Hannah and I didn’t come up with these lists, but we find that they ring true based on our experience.

The AARP Bulletin (December 2016) surveyed doctors on what they feel are the best habits for healthy living. Here we go.


Daily Living: The everyday lifestyle adjustments most important for greater health:

Take a daily 30-minute walk

Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night

Spend time each day with a friend or loved one

Reduce your consumption of junk food

Cut back on refined carbs (white bread, pasta, white rice)

Which do you think was the choice of every doctor surveyed?  (Answer below)


Eating Habits: Harmful eating habits most important to change to improve your long-term health:

Drinking soda at most meals and for snacks

Eating several fast-food restaurant meals each week

Eating two or fewer servings of vegetables each day

Bingeing on pizza, hot wings, nachos, or other “social foods” a few times per week

Eating ice cream, cake, doughnuts, or other sweets everyday


Lifestyle Choices: Lifestyle habits or patterns most harmful to a person’s long-term health:

Smoking cigarettes

Not exercising

Feeling perpetually lonely or socially isolated

Ignoring health problems or symptoms

Taking painkillers every day

Being angry, worried, or stressed more often than feeling happy.


I am reminded how important it is to choose to be active and make the effort to build a social network.  Of course, the occasional happy hour at Ruby’s in York, Maine with half price margaritas and nachos is not to be missed.


The only “Daily Living” choice selected by every doctor surveyed: Take a daily 30-minute walk.

One thought on “Dan and Hannah on Nutrition, Fitness, and Smart Choices

  1. I believe the healthiest choice I can make is to spend time with you!!!! Nameste Dan TOTAL Respect…your Kittery connection Mandy

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