Danny and Jimmy Need a Little Help from their Friends

The Jimmy of which I speak is the Jimmy Fund.

Jimmy Fund posterThe Jimmy Fund started in 1948 to help a 12-year-old cancer patient dubbed “Jimmy.”  On a national radio broadcast, millions heard the boy visit with his heroes from the Boston Braves as they stood by his hospital bed.  At the time Boston had two baseball teams, the Red Sox and the Braves.  People everywhere sent contributions in to help buy Jimmy a television so he could watch the Braves play, launching an effort that continues to bring hope to thousands of children and adults facing cancer throughout the world today.

On the morning of Sunday, September 25, 2016, I will walk the final six miles of the Boston Marathon course to raise money for the Jimmy Fund.  To date, I have raised $1800 on my way to $2500.

I will be entering the Marathon course mere yards before the legendary Heartbreak Hill.   I’m pumped for what is called “the steepest hill you will ever run,” or walk in my case.  After that, I’ll pass through Boston College.  The Eagles haven’t been the same since Doug Flutie left campus with his Heisman Trophy in 1984.


I’ll then be heading down Beacon Street, to later pass by the Green Monster of Fenway Park (pronounce Pahk).  Then finally I’ll cruising by Copley Square on to Boylston Street to the finish line.  Click here to get an excellent mile by mile account of the Boston Marathon course.

CMF 4 Mt Rainier on Ramparts trail

Dan, the Jimmy Fund Walking Man warming up near Mount Rainier

Please consider donating, even $10, to this cause at my official Jimmy Fund webpage?

Click on this link to go to my fundraising page directly.   http://www.jimmyfundwalk.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1145126&lis=0&kntae1145126=60CDEA50E9FB48F28CAD9BC54338B563&supid=436593997

Or you can send a check payable to “Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk” with my name in the memo line.  Send it directly to the Jimmy Fund Walk lockbox at

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, P.O. Box 3595, Boston, MA 02241-3595

I am walking for our friend Barry Fletcher, who, with joy in his heart, battled cancer as long as he possibly  could.  With our team captain George Derby, we walk in his memory.


Celebrating Robyn’s 35th Birthday

As many of you know, Hannah and I have a personal connection to cancer; in our case it is childhood leukemia.  We are eternally grateful to all the people, whom we never met, who donated money for cancer research in the 1980s.  Because of them, our four-year-old daughter Robyn, when diagnosed with leukemia in December of 1985, had a chance for a long life.  She was treated in Boston and Portland, Maine and turned 35 this past Wednesday (September 7, 2016).



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