Molly and Tip Baby Bracket Update (Top 22)

And the results (top 22 scores) after three rounds
1. 55 points: Karen & Kalle (Maine)
2. 49 points: Ann Jacob (Virginia)
3. 45 points: Ruthie Lasher (Virginia)
                Bria Suprenant (Massachusetts)
5. 42 points: MScott Berkowitz (Virginia)
                   Regina Manville (Virginia)
7. 41 points: Karen Lynge (Maine)
                   Bill Buggie (Canada)
9. 39 points: Kate Scully (New Hampshire)
                   Karen McDonald (Canada)
                   Paige Bordthauser (Virginia)
12. 36 points: Rose & Mike (California)
                   Shannon & Cali (New Hampshire
14. 35 points: Neila Arnold (Maine)
15. 34 points: Pauline Peyser and Paula (New Hampshire)
                   Cindy McMullen (New Hampshire)
17. 33 points: Dan Rothermel (Maine)
                   Tanya Garrity (New Hampshire)
                   The Derby Family (Maine)
20. 32 points: Amelia Kyker (Virginia)
                   Eric Fullilove (Maine)
22. 30 points: Sheri Garrity (New Hampshire)
4 points per correct answer from the third round added to the previous score
(1 point per correct answer in the first round; 2 points per correct answer in second round.) 
We’re down to the Elite Eight (four boys names and four girls names)
Boys Names:
Girls Names:

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