Dan Gets Out of the Wishing Business

Our recent trip to Angel’s Landing got me thinking about parenting.  One might think that taking our preteens to climb a trail with its last half mile hanging on to chains 1500’ above the valley floor was not the greatest example of parenting?  Then again, maybe it was?

MRW picture in pp room

Molly, Robyn, and Will circa 1987

In the past, I was a wisher.  I wished the best and more for our kids, Molly, Robyn, and Will.  Nothing wrong with that, right?

A positive high school experience.  Athletic success.  Meaningful, lasting friendships.  Satisfying jobs.  Excitement.  Adventures.  Enduring relationships.

But now I am out of the wishing business.  Done.  Gone fishing.

Now I am into observing their journey.  Seeing what lies ahead in their lives by the choices they make.  I’m excited to see how the universe unfolds for them based on their decisions.

From the sidelines, I’ll then support them.