Dan and Hannah Hike the Uisge Ban Falls Trail in Cape Breton au Canada

Cape G map

How’s your Gaelic?  Take a crack at pronouncing the name of these falls.  See below.  I’m buying coffee all around when you nail this one.

With a sendoff breakfast of oatmeal, cut up fruit, and an introduction to the ugly stick, Hannah and I leave the loving embrace of Laverne and Gordon of the Baddeck Riverside B&B in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Uisge 1B G, L, and D

Gordon, Laverne, and the Bomber

Uisge 1C H and L with fish

Laverne and Hannah in August in Cape Breton

What is an ugly stick, you ask?  The ugly stick is a traditional musical instrument from Newfoundland made out of household items and those from tool sheds such as a mop handle, bottle caps, tin cans, small bells, and other noise makers.

Before we drive the 370 miles from Baddeck, Nova Scotia back to our friends Bill and Karen in Fredericton, New Brunswick for the overnight, we hit the trail one more time with waterfalls being gentle on our mind. (homage to the late great Glen Campbell)

Uisge map to falls

Uisge 2 UB sign

Uisge 2B map of trail

Following Gordon’s hand-drawn map to the park, we take to country road along the Baddeck River to the left turn for Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park.  With only one other car in the lot, we’ll have a peace and love experience on the along the brook on this early August Wednesday.

Uisge 3B H on trail

Uisge 3C D on trail

Uisge 3D H on trail

Immediately this tree-covered level trail hugs a stream strewn with rocks and promises that will soon propel our getaway drive in the next hour.  Unfortunately, the trail bridge over the creek is out so we don’t have the Baddeck River view part of the trail.  Another good reason to return to Cape Breton.

Uisge 3A trail closed

Washed out trail bridge

Uisge 3E H on trail

Within 20 minutes we arrive at the end of the boulder-y trail to the sweet sound of crashing water.  Enjoy the video.

Uisge 4A falls again


(Please forgive the misspelling of Uisge in the video title)  Returning to the trailhead, we have hit the jackpot in our Cape Breton holiday.  We know that we’ll be back, and back soon; to drive the 700 miles from York to Cape Breton and then take the seven-hour ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland to explore its trails and toast its sunsets and perhaps get our own ugly stick!

Uisge map of newfie

Pronunciation of Uisge Ban Falls – ISH-KA-ban.  I’m buying you coffee anyway.  Just text me when’s a good time.