Dan’s Day 25 of 29 Gifts – Real hunger in Maine

Day 25 my canned food

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving I am one of the many church members who bring canned goods for the York Food Pantry to distribute to families in need.  It is easy to think that in an affluent town like York on the coast of Maine, Really, there are hungry families in this town?  Oh, but there are and probably in your home town, too.  We as a church acknowledge that even though we often can’t always see them, they are there.

Day 25 end 68 hours of hunger

Hungry kids are a serious, sometimes invisible problem.  Locally, the End of 68 Hours of Hunger program serves kids for the approximately 68 hours that some local school children go without eating from the time school gets out on Friday afternoon until they return to school on Monday morning.  End of 68 Hours now serves nearly 500 children per week in Seacoast Maine and New Hampshire.

Day 25 canned food at church

I believe families are hungry amid our affluence though I don’t see them.  I take on faith that the problem is real.  Churches at their best get us to think of others and serve and support them.