Dan and Hannah and What is Going On Here!

Similar to our suet cage

A week ago an animal has ripped our suet bird feeder cage off its metal shepherd’s hook and feasted on the suet thirty feet away. Unable to find the suet cage, I eventually found it while mulching the yellow beech leaves of our front yard with our mower. I thought raccoon. Hannah thought bear.

The suet cage after meeting up with our mower 30′ from where it hung on the one remaining standing shepherd’s staff

Then this Monday morning (October 26, 2020), we wake to mayhem. Let the 60 second video do the talking! (Click on the picture below if the white triangle in the center of the picture does not show up.)

We have seen one moose on our property in the 38 years that we have lived on Chases Pond Road in York, Maine. We have never seen a bear.

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A knowledgeable friend thought Possibly if the pole is not just knocked over but actually bent it was a bear. My feeder at camp which is 12 feet off the ground suspended on a telephone pole was on the ground busted. I fixed it and put it back up. This weekend I found evidence that told me the culprit, a black bear.