How Dan and Hannah Remain Hopeful in these Coronavirus Times

Lying in bed this morning a little after 6A, Hannah and I are in no hurry to get up as our day is wide open now that the coronavirus has turned our world upside down.   On Day 3 (March 18, 2020) of me getting the importance to self-quarantine, to keep a social distance, and to not go out unnecessarily, Hannah says pillow to pillow how important it is to remain hopeful and to trust.  I am sensing she is reminding herself what she has always believed.

Attitude can carry the day during times of crisis.  I embrace the belief that these times don’t happen to us, they happen for us.

So how do Hannah and I remain hopeful in face of this unprecedented upheaval?  It’s early, but this is what we are trying now.

One, stay in contact by phone, email, and text with the good folks in our lives.

Two, think what we can do for others.

Remain H in YH

On a March 16, 2020 walk in York Harbor, Maine

Three, get our 10K steps by walking twice a day and soon biking once the temperature hits mid-fifties.

Four, write.  I draft for an hour or two every day and publish this blog to connect with the people in my life as well as to have a creative way to express myself.

Five, continue to sit evenings with Hannah sipping a glass of red wine.

Six, avoid cable news.

Remain titles

Seven, read.  Currently, I take all week to go through the Sunday New York Times, especially feasting on the Sunday Crossword Puzzle (yes, I do use my iPhone when I am stuck).  I have two books going, The Penny Poet of Portsmouth by Katherine Towler and The Obstacle is the Way: The Ancient Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage by Ryan Holiday.

Eight, listen to the inspirational talks from the ministers at Unity of Santa Barbara on YouTube.

Nine, have our grandsons read a book to us while we FaceTime.  Then we read a book to them since we are not going to visit them each week for a while as we usually do.

Remain journal

Ten, start our day with stretching exercises, then journaling for me, letter writing for Hannah, and finally meditating for twenty minutes.

Eleven, shower early in the day.

Twelve, listen to podcasts together, then discuss how we can continue to remain hopeful.

Thirteen, watch TV that inspires.  Currently, we are watching season 3 of This is Us.

Spark any ideas for you?  What do you do to remain hopeful?  Please comment in the space below so readers of this blog have more ideas from which to choose.