Dan’s Day 21 of 29 Gifts – Owen’s second Christmas

Leeward Landing Thrift Store

Leeward Landing Thrift Store

In our family Hannah is the primo ballerina Christmas shopper.  But this December I am stepping up to the plate for our grandson Owen.   Today I am off to Leeward Landing with visions of Christmas plums for Owen dancing in my head.

Day 21 Scrabble for juniors

Immediately I find a gift that connects me with Owen and his mother Molly.  Forever, Molly and I have played Scrabble every time she’s home in York.  When we play, the reward for winning the game of Scrabble is that the other one has to keep score for the next game.  Let me tell you, that is quite the incentive for both of us.  Though Owen is a bit young at 17 months old for this version of Scrabble , we’ll have a game to play together for years to come.

Then it’s books.  How could I resist a book with his grandmother’s name in the title?

Day 21 Nana 3

The Little Bear series by Else Holmlund Minarik were some of our favorite read-aloud books to our kids.  From one generation to another.

Day 21 Little Bear

What parent isn’t ready for some potty training?

Day 21 No more diapers for ducky

A gift that keeps on giving.