Dan and His Loss – KGUA radio #23

For the October 19, 2020 KGUA radio Monday Morning Writer’s Hour, we are asked to free write about a loss we have experienced since the pandemic rocked our worlds in March 2020.   

My temporary loss

Here in our small town on the coast of Maine, I don’t know anyone who has got the coronavirus or died from it.  There have certainly been cases and deaths in Maine, but Covid-19 hasn’t touched me directly.

What has touched me, literally, is the lack of hugging in my life.  Though shy and reluctant to hug as a young adult, I now embrace hugging.  You see what I did there! 

Anyway, our sister-in-law Becky taught us how to really hug.  She gives full body squeezes every time we meet.  Her hugs aren’t just some perfunctory, obligatory double pats on the back.  They are real.

I’ve tried elbow bumps, which are laughable.  Fist bumps are fine for the guys and our grandsons but not many others.

Since Hannah and I are connected to Unity of Santa Barbara with its Buddhist tendencies, I began placing my hands together in front of my chest and saying “Namaste.”

That worked for a while until I read of someone patting their heart twice while making eye contact with another. 

You are in my heart.  That feels about right until my hugging days return.

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