Dan Tries Something New During an Owen and Max Weekend – KGUA radio #19

For the September 21, 2020 KGUA radio Morning Writer’s Hour, we are asked to participate in Show and Tell.  Mark Gross challenges us to free write about something new we have done. Something we have discovered. A new book? A new hobby? A new recipe? A new pet? Being a new volunteer? A new crop?

Something New

My something new requires you to connect the dots starting with my parents, who lived into their 90s and remain a part of me to this day. 

Dot #1, when Hannah and I had three kids under the age of ten, mom and dad would take them for a long weekend so we could get away alone together.

Dot numero dos, paying it forward, regularly we take our grandsons, Owen (8) and Max (6), so our daughter Molly and her hubby Tip get some time to themselves.

Max in yellow and Owen hunting for seaglass in Kittery Point

Dot three, though we don’t pretend to have grandparents-of-the-year status, we do have our moments.  This past weekend, with Owen and Max, Hannah and I went looking for sea glass in Kittery Point, hiked the Braveboat Headwaters Trail, took pizza to the York Harbor Beach for boogie boarding and tide pooling and…

Dot quatro, at sunset we four popped into our friend Karen’s, whose sis and brother-in-law were down from Vermont for lobster and, wait for it, ….

Steamers.  There you have it!   In 38 years of living on the coast of Maine, Hannah and I have never had steamers.  Ever adventurous, Owen tries them as well. 

Separating the shell, I remove the clam, pull off the black rubbery end, dip the one inch clam into melted butter, then pop it into my mouth.  Voila!

The next morning I ask Owen to rate steamers from one to ten.  He says a six, which I agree with.  Wondering what the big deal is, Hannah is not impressed and rates the experience a two.

Steamers are fine, and to paraphrase Meatloaf, six out of ten ain’t bad.

Images from that weekend with Owen and Max

Sea glass hunting in Kittery Point
Lunchtime after seaglass hunting
The hike begins
Saturday evening pizza and rock climbing at York Harbor Beach
Sunday morning sprint at York Harbor Beach
Steamers with Rick, Hannah, Max, Owen, Sis, and Karen
Max and Owen check out the initial stages of their Omi’s Frog Wall. Monday’s blog fills in the details about York’s first Frog Wall