Dan and Hannah – the Pandemic Update (October 2020)

Into our seventh month of the pandemic, there’s no Covid here on Chases Pond Road. We try to be R&R it (by that I mean, being reasonable and responsible) and so far so good. We have had a few things going for us – each other, retired, ample resources, white, and good health.  As in our pre-Covid days, we continue to make social connection our North Star.  

You like to think you are reasonable and responsible, Dan, what about playing pickleball with others and going to the gym? Please. Settle down. We are choosy with whom we play pickleball, finding people who believe in science, masks, and socially distancing in their daily lives beyond the courts.

Hannah with our friend Fran

We’ve adopted the pod system of play to limit our exposure:  Often it’s Norm and Paula on Tuesdays, Genny and Alan on Wednesdays, and Steve and Fran on Thursdays.  That’s pretty much it.

Faithful readers of this blog know Hannah and I have been going to the gym since late June three to four times per week.  Now in mid-October, we still find it safe.  Why? (1) our temperatures are checked every time we enter the building, (2) everyone wears masks. (3) few people have returned to our spacious gym, (4) heavy plastic shields protect the exercise machines that we use, and (5) 70-80% fresh air is being pumped into the gym through the HVAC system per CDC guidelines.

Hannah at Coastal Fitness

Further, though we love our breakfasts out, we have limited our early morning eggs over easy and homefries to the occasional Morning Buzz in Amesbury, MA with its outdoor picnic tables; we do drive-bys at McDonalds for sausage biscuits without the sausage.

We do have friends to our front deck in twos and threes.  Again, ones who believe in science, etc. 

This summer we’ve had the outdoors for walking the beaches in York as well as beach time with our grandsons, Owen and Max.

Owen and Max at the York Harbor Beach

Bicycling, with its built in socially distancing, has taken us to our country roads.

Now that the beech leaves have fallen and the oak leaves are soon to follow, what plans do we have for the coming indoor season?

We won’t play pickleball indoors until there is a vaccine.  Restaurants and breakfast joints are out. We’ll continue to get take-out. We’ll have friends over at a social distance in ones, twos, and threes.  No parties.

Winter bicycling on our roads is not my idea of a good time.  Fact is, it’s my idea of a bad time. We’ll bundle up and walk outdoors come November and December. Then fly to California this winter for outdoor living on the Central Coast.

We’ll go early mornings to the gym as long as it seems safe (i.e. that there aren’t large crowds).  I’ll continue playing ping pong inside with my buddy George as I have since the spring.

We’ll remain big into masks and social distancing. We’ll go to stores that enforce our Maine state mandate to wear masks.

The good doctor Fauci

We’ll get the double dose seniors flu shot and get a Covid vaccine as soon as Dr. Fauci says they are safe. We are not buying what the politician is selling.

Have we been fortunate not getting Covid-19?  Sure, but we give ourselves the best shot by being reasonably reasonable and responsibly responsible. 

We look forward to what the future holds with a new president.