Dan Triumphantly Completes His 30-Day Cleanse – Reflection and Wine (12 of 12)

After thirty days with no alcohol, I was hoping for some dramatic changes.  Just not in the cards.  I now realize that to go from one glass of wine per day to none, which I basically did, is not likely to yield much of a change as would be, say, going from a six pack or four scotches per day to none.  Let’s recap.

My liver? Probably happier, though we haven’t talked recently.

Cleanse - Hannah

Hannah on the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands Provincial Park (Day 27 of my alcohol-free experiment)

Hannah?  She is definitely happier not having to drink a glass of wine alone each evening.

My sleep?  Little difference.  The usual pleasing combination of mostly good nights with some okay nights.  I’ve learned that if I have a few margaritas (the impetus for this 30-day experiment), I’ll lower my expectations for a good night’s sleep and revel in the evening I just had!

My energy?  Good before the experiment, good during it.  No obvious change.

My weight?  About the same.  I never did weigh myself before or after, so who really knows?  That said, I still use the same belt hole as before to keep my pants up.

My sense of satisfaction?  Yeah, it’s been cool.  I always thought that I could go without alcohol.  Fact is, the alcohol fast did become a little tedious after Day 20 since I realized there were no big changes in the offing.  That said, it wasn’t hard to complete my mission, just another 30 days at the office.

Cleanse Beddeck River

From Laverne and Gordon’s front porch overlooking the Baddeck Riviere in Cape Breton, Canada

There were a few times when a beer, some wine, or a margarita would have hit the spot.  One was a brew after an afternoon playing ping pong with George Derby (Day 8), another was wine with Laverne and Gordon on their front porch in Cape Breton, Canada (Day 27) and finally margaritas at Ruby’s in York with Molly and Tip (Day 30).  Even so, to complete and learn from this experiment was not a sacrifice.

My Big Takeaway!  I realized that when I sit with Hannah each evening, it’s a time for us to reflect: reflect on our day, reflect on the people we dealt with, and reflect on our days ahead.  I know I could sit in reflection without wine, but for me, wine and reflection go hand in hand.

For those keeping score, on the first day after, I had veggies and humus rather than a glass of red wine with Hannah.  The second day I had wine with Hannah!  And the next day, too, and on this past Thursday a fine Tributary craft beer with my ping pong playing buddy George.

Do it again?  Nope.  Been there, done that!