Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – The Plan (1 of 12)

Cleanse margaritas

Demon margaritas

I just didn’t sleep well last night.

It was another warm, humid high 80s July day in Maine, but that wasn’t the reason I didn’t sleep well.  You see, Hannah and I decided to shake things up from our usual evening glass of wine with homemade margaritas on our front deck.   Just two simple margaritas.  And now this morning I am connecting the dots between my poor sleep and those slushy, delectable margaritas.  Added to the alcohol was the extra liquid from the crushed ice that likely added to the reason I woke, peed, woke, peed time again.

Lying in bed next to Hannah before dawn (by that I mean before 4A), I was just ready to try something to sleep better.  Why not give up alcohol for 30 days to see what happens?

Cleanse Ruby's

If you know us, you know that Hannah and I rarely miss a late afternoon with a glass of wine together.  What if today is the first day of thirty going cold turkey?  No vino each evening.  No margaritas at Ruby’s with Karen.  No brewskis after ping pong with my buddy George.  No evening wine with Molly and Tip on our weekly visits to their place to see our grandsons, Owen and Max.  No Mike’s Hard Lemonade on a really hot summer afternoon.

Just days ago our son Will and his wife Laurel talked about a 30-day cleanse from alcohol they had just completed.  At the time, I thought, that’s cool (for them), and then proceeded to have wine each night with Hannah during their week long visit.

Cleanse facebook

But a seed was planted.  Along the lines of cleansing, of late I have deactivated my Facebook account, stopped following others on Instagram and deleted the app from my phone, and brought to an end playing online Scrabble (i.e. Lexulous).  I was not happy with the appendage that was my iPhone.

Why not give a 30-day cleanse from alcohol a shot.  I had always believed that I could give up alcohol if I wanted/had to.  Well, game on!

While the poor night of sleep may have been the impetus to take on this cleansing challenge, I also really want to see if I can actually go without alcohol for 30 days.  And at the end of thirty days, will I want to go back to wine or a brew at all?  Slow down, big fella, let’s not get carried away.  Come along for the ride.