Dan and Hannah Hike to Mesa Arch and Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

A full kitchen and dining table for six in our VRBO at Rim Village in south Moab gives Max a chance to shine with morning scrambled eggs. 

Scrambled eggs a la Max

Breakfast at N-4 condo in Rim Village, Moab, Utah (Five stars!) before we head to Canyonlands

As a Biblical name for the land just short of the Promised Land, Moab, Utah is no quiet western outpost.  There are many major chain motels, restaurants galore, four wheel adventure stores, Colorado river rafting and condos, condos, condos.  These getaway townhouses seem to be solely built for people like us looking for an outdoor vacation in eastern Utah. 

This mid-April 2022 morning we are off to Canyonlands National Park, 45 minutes north and west of Moab.

Dan, Molly, Owen, Tip, Max, and Hannah

No longer is Canyonlands the little sister to Arches.  Though we don’t need a reservation to enter the park as we did In Arches National Park, we have come at popular time of year – school vacation week in the Northeast, which includes Massachusetts where our grandsons, third grade Owen and second grade Max attend school and our daughter Molly rocks as a math specialist in an elementary school.

Asking the park ranger what she would recommend for hiking, she says our three signature hikes are Mesa Arch, Grand View Point, and Upheaval Dome.  We’ll hit the first two before lunch, and third at the end of our hiking day.

The desert landscape on the way to Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch is regularly used for advertising because of its spectacular-ness (see the end of this blog).  It’s a simple half mile with little elevation gain to the arch, which makes it uber-popular.  Perched at the edge of a cliff with vast views of canyons, rock spires, and the La Sal Mountains in the distance, Mesa Arch spans fifty feet across atop a 500-foot vertical cliff.

Mesa Arch
Magnificint Mesa Arch

9 AM at Mesa Arch (Tip, Max, Owen, Molly, Hannah, and Dan)
Mesa Arch is to the right of this map

Driving through to the end of the road in Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands, we have little traffic and no trouble finding parking at the trailhead for Grand View Point.  See the map below for the two other districts of the park with different entrances).

At the trailhead of the Grand View Point one mile trail with Owen, Max, Molly, Hannah, and Tip

With 15-20 mph winds buffeting us, we take the promontory trail between the canyon created by the Colorado River and the one created by the Green River.

The rocky sandstone trail to the promontory (in the distance) of the Grand View Point trail
Dan and Hannah away out West in Canyonlands National Park

Solid chunks of rock, three-layer cairns guide us between the canyons below for the one mile hike out. 

Owen and his Omi
The Grand View Point trail

From the viewpoint at 6,080 feet elevation, you can see distant mountains, canyons, basins, and the White Rim Road.

One grand view towards the Green River Canyon

Weeks after we returned from Utah, this image popped up on the DailyOM blog that I get for inspiration each day. The Mesa Arch!

5 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Hike to Mesa Arch and Grand View Point in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

  1. Visited there about 40 (!) years ago. From your photos, it’s still just as awe-inspiring. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Fantastic photos of amazing Rothermel , Rawding adventures!!! Sign me up! Thank you for sharing ! Lots of loving respect ! Mandy !

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