Dan and Hannah Lose Power – December 2021

Our sweet generator

With the forecast for heavy winds overnight along the coast of Maine this first week in December, Hannah and I learn The Weather Channel has posted gale warnings

As we head to bed, we hear the wind and don’t think much of it as we have these strong winds from time to time at our home in York.  Then at 1 AM our back-up generator kicks on as our Generac 10K goes to work automatically, ten seconds after the power goes out.

That’s the good news, the less good news is that the generator is just outside our bedroom window.  And it’s loud. 

Our first floor bedroom is beyond the window to the right.

Within fifteen minutes I grab my pillow and retreat to an upstairs bedroom for the night.

Come morning, the power is still out.  I jump into action.

Texting our-across-the-street neighbor, I ask if she needs a shower before she heads off to teach.  Ecstatic, she says she’ll be over once she slips out of her warm bed in her cold cold house. 

She has no idea how thrilled I am to help.  Ain’t it the truth that people loving helping others out!  It’s similar to when I am out biking on our country roads and a car stops for directions, I love being able to help. 

After she comes and goes, I text two more neighbors to see if they too need a shower, hoping like hell they do.  Alas, they are doing fine and don’t need one…yet!  Still, I have planted a small seed of connection in our neighborhood of twenty some houses.

My glow lasts all morning being the one to help our neighbor on this day when the power went out!

PS  By ten AM the power is back. 

PPS Automatic generators provide us with such peace of mind in northern New England when ice storms, strong winds, and heavy wet snows are in the forecast. 

5 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Lose Power – December 2021

  1. Beautiful. My Mom used to say that there truly is nothing that satisfies the soul and brings true happiness like helping others and practicing random acts of kindness. Plus, I watched it come back to her tenfold. The more love you spread, the more you get back. It’s the way the world was meant to work. Regarding the Generac Generators, we would never have bought our house up on this mountaintop without one. Did you know there is a 6-month waiting list to get one these days? And because of that, the price has soared to $12K for a whole house generator like we have (only paid $4,500 just last April)! We have ours serviced every November and usually replace its battery every 4 or 5 years. When you need it you need it! There was a backlog on their testing kits this year, but they finally serviced it last Friday. Definitely gives peace of mind. Love to you both.

    • Your mom knew the avenue to true happiness. Servicing our generator every year has been well worth it. Our electrician just got us a testing kit and we are good for another year. Eight years ago we paid $6K for our generator and $1K for installation. It is sweet music any time we need it. Peace o’ mind!

  2. A Generator?! And a very gracious and generous one at that!!!

    I was thinking we’ve really had enough sunshine for a while. . .time for the 80’s to go away. I want to light my gas logs with the remote. . .


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