Dan’s Wednesday Quote of the Week – #49

Life is in a constant state of change. And so are we. To get upset by things is to wrongly assume that they will last. To kick ourselves or blame others is grabbing at the wind. To resent change is to wrongly assume that you have a choice in the matter.

Everything is change. Embrace that. Flow with It.

Ryan Holliday and Stephen Hanselman in The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living.

Hannah and I read the one page meditations from the Daily Stoic each morning. We rarely miss a day.

Capital S Stoicism is different from lower case s stoicism. While stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint, Stoicism asserts that virtue (meaning self-control, courage, justice, and wisdom) is happiness.

By the way, the two other inspirational readings we do each morning are from the Unity’s Daily Word and Twelve Moons of the Year by Hal Borland.

4 thoughts on “Dan’s Wednesday Quote of the Week – #49

  1. I LOVE your Wednesday quotes!!! And I bet a lot of people do, even if they don’t write to tell you so…. I love YOU!!! (and not just on Wednesdays…) xoxo HB

    • We all have different reactions to life’s challenging events. All real and heartfelt. In time, Hannah and I learned to “Love What Is” and have the courage to make the most of our days. Onto a cure for T1D!

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