Dan and Hannah Hike Locally at Warren’s Woods in York, Maine

What would you like your legacy to be?

A good and decent friend? An ally to those out of the mainstream?  A courageous sort speaks to me? A career in service to others rings a bell for all you teachers?  A happy extended family who lived lives of purpose – whoa, that would be impressive?

Well, one part of Deb and Warren Taylor’s legacy is Warren’s Woods, the forested twenty-two acres they donated to the York Land Trust as a conservation easement.  Thanks to D and W, the public gets to enjoy this one-mile trail just across Corn Swamp from our house on Chases Pond Road.

Let me set the scene how we discovered this trail. Hannah and I are in the midst of quarantining after getting a Covid test at the York Hospital Clinic on Route One.  You see, we had close contact with our son-in-law Tip who has a sore throat and headaches. You see, earlier he was in close contact with his brother-in-law who contracted Covid.

In the interim while we wait for the results, Hannah and I are looking for just-the-two-of-us outdoor activities on this mid-October Saturday.  A bike ride in and around the rural Fall Mill Road near our home fits the bill. As part of that mellow ride on Sunrise Terrace, Hannah spots a permanent display that we soon realize is at the trailhead through Warren’s Woods.

Learning that we’d have a one-mile hike through the woods between Scituate and Chases Pond Roads, we decide to return later this afternoon to explore this trail.

Around 4 PM, we bike the two and a half miles to the trailhead. 

With the leaves turning burnt browns, mellow yellows, and rust reds, we follow the white blazes within sight of distant neighborhood houses.  Every so often we look around for the next white blaze, but in time we always find the trail.

Let the pictures below take you on our counterclockwise circumambulation of this loop trail.

A mile of local joy
Let the trail begin guided by mistress of the forest
Guided by the white blazes
I think Jimmy would approve of this trail.
Who knew?
The innards of this oak grab my attention.
If you look carefully, you’ll see the vernal pool. Vernal pools are seasonal small ponds similar to the one in our front yard.
The rock wall suggests that in the 19th century these forests were productive fields for local farmers.
We always eventwally found the white blazes guiding us around this one mile loop trail.

Within 30 minutes we are passing Tominy Pond back to the trailhead.

A simple 15 minute bike road home has us celebrating this little trail right under our very noses. Come hike it with us.

PS  As we expected, our Covid test results showed that we were negative for the coronavirus.

2 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Hike Locally at Warren’s Woods in York, Maine

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. How nice to have these special natural places right in our back yards.

    Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Kirsten and I were here and talked by phone with our daughter Kim who lives in the Milanocket area up North.

    Hope that you both escape Covid. Thanks be for testing so that we can keep track of our situations.



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