Dan and Hannah Travel Route One from Kittery to Fort Kent, Maine (Part 8 of 10) – Mowry Beach in Lubec

Just before noon this Tuesday in mid-September, a fellow hiker at the Old Farm Point of the Cobscook Shores encourages Hannah and me to head to Mowry Beach, minutes walk from downtown Lubec.  (See map below.) Looking to lunch out before we hike, we are thinking an old favorite – Italian. And by that today I mean pizza. Sadly, we learn that Morano’s Authentic Pizza, the only pasta palace in town, is open only on Fridays and Saturdays during the off-season.  Ever resourceful and quite hungry, we lunch on peanut butter on Ritz cracker sandwiches with sparkly water. You gotta admit, these kids know how to live!

Driving down the Maine side of the Lubec Channel towards the Atlantic, we have trailhead parking for fifteen.  Mowry Beach looks to the east to Campobello Island, summer getaway for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Our less than half mile trail has us hiking on both on dirt and boardwalk through coastal scrub woodland.  See below.

Looks like a painting (iPhone-12 three cameras are simply amazing)

Situated along the edge of the village of Lubec, this property protects 1,800 feet of shoreline along a 1.2 mile beach overlooking Lubec Channel and Campobello Island.

A stone’s throw from the shoreline
At the far end of the half-mile trail/boardwalk we come to the Lubec Elementary School and return the way we came.

Along the lower portions of the beach at low tide, the remains of ancient tree stumps can be seen, quite possibly, indicating the location of a primeval forest (or so says Wikipedia!).

Primeval forest with Canada to the right of the FDR bridge
Needing to be vaccinated (which we are) and recently tested for Covid (which we are not), the FDR bridge to the Great White North of New Brunswick, Canada is off limits to us
You are literally seeing all of the quarter mile of the downtown of Lubec
Just cool, enough said.
A sign in a Main Street storefront window. We would have kindred spirits here in the Red part of Maine, but we would be in the minority.
Amid the polarization of Maine and America, there is some levity.
One tiny church for one tiny town (population 314)

So we come to another small town on the coast of Maine on a gorgeous shorts-and-tee-shirt day in mid-September. Live here? It’s still a strong no. A friend told me of friends of his from rural Maine who moved away. Asked why they moved, they responded “heroin.” Boredom can do some mean things to a person.

Our Strava app gives you the lowdown of our time in Lubec.

Part 9 takes you to the trails of Quoddy Head State Park on the Atlantic six miles from downtown Lubec.

5 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Travel Route One from Kittery to Fort Kent, Maine (Part 8 of 10) – Mowry Beach in Lubec

  1. Enjoyed starting off my Saturday morning reading this, Dan. There are 1,000’s of “off the beaten path” towns across America. As we pass through tons of them when we drive to Hilton Head Island several times a year, I often wonder why people live there. And yes, we also pack peanut butter crackers just in case we can’t find an open restaurant!

  2. I just added peanut butter crackers to my grocery list. What a pretty view from Mowry beach, eh? The sign in the window must have been a pleasant surprise in a quaint rural town…and that cool fish sculpture. I would love that in my living room!

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