Dan and Hannah Travel Route One from Kittery to Fort Kent, Maine (Part 6 of 10) – Ellsworth to Lubec

With the sunshine filling the sky on a day going tor 70F day this mid-September Tuesday, we are freewheeling up Route One onto our second overnight in Lubec on the Canadian border.

26 miles to Steuben

Tooling north on a very quiet Route One from Ellsworth, we have a WTF moment. A truck on the roof! A front yard ferris wheel!

Fortunately I live with a problem solver!
Abandoned ferris wheel

We walk around the property, that happens to be for sale, and see no one around. The faces out front (see below) make it a little weird. Maybe it’s just as well no one is about.

Motoring on, I am surprised how little of Route One goes along the shoreline. This scene below is one of the few glimpses of the bay to the Atlantic Ocean.

Then it’s on to Steuben. We’ve a pickleball buddy Bob with a summer place here. Never heard of the town myself, but we make a side trip into the town center to check it out.

Named after Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben of Revolutionary War fame. The population is a modest 1,131. They put the small in small town.
Across from the Congregational Church (next image), this home is seen better days in the town center just to the south of the K-8 Ella Lewis Elementary School with 108 students.
The Congregational Church in the town center of Steuben backlit

On a beautiful morning in the 60s, we wonder if we could live in such a small town. Wonder no more. There’s no way in God’s good green earth that we could leave the community in York we’ve grown for the last 39 years – access to pickleball courts and pickleball players, services such as gyms, large grocery stores, and clinics and doctors that we have at our disposal. That our daughter Molly’s family is an hour away from our home closes the “moving to a small town in the middle of nowhere” door.

Further down the road is the town Of Milbridge (1300+ residents).

Just north of Steuben is Milbridge, home to the “Purple Palace at 70 Main Street right on Route One. Again, we walk around and again no one is home. I’ll have to call Lisa to find a price. She texts me back!

The Purple Palace, a Queen Anne Victorian.

Lisa texts me. Hi Dan, this is Lisa with Better Homes and Gardens. I received your message regarding 70 Main Street in Milbridge. The Purple Palace. The seller has received and accepted an offer. I should be putting the listing as pending tomorrow. Thank you for your interest. If the sale falls through, I’ll reach out. Or would you like to put in a backup offer, just let me know. Kindest regards. Lisa

Now having the address, I find it on Zillow for $199,000. The restoration has already been started, so with some TLC and sweat equity, you could be the one to bring this sweet Queen Anne Victorian back to her glory….

Sounds like the buyer would need the constructions skills of our friends, George and Fran! (see the additional pictures of the Purple Palace at the end of the blog)

28 miles from Milbridge to Machias, home of the Clippers of U-Maine Machias

Heading north we take the sideroad closer to the ocean known as the Bold Coast.

We meander off Route One to feed our need for the shoreline.
The Bold Coast takes drivers and bicyclists much close to the water’s edge.

Click here for more info on the scenic byway of the Bold Coast.

We jump off Route One for Route 1A to skirt the water’s edge.

Low tide on the Bold Coast

This wire basket for balls struck me as clever in this small fishing community.

Always looking for university spiral notebooks for my journal writing (184 journals and going strong), we walk the still empty campus of U-Maine Machias (students were arriving the next day) in search of wire-bound notebook.

With no signage for the bookstore, we walk the campus looking for someone to help us out. One student tells us the bookstore is in the library, Unfortunately, one needs an ID card to get in the bibliotecque. Another student says she has been a student here for three years and has no idea where the bookstore is. Maybe online books have come to Downeast Maine? We leave town without a treasured university spiral notebook.

We have just 28 miles before lunch to our first of three hikes for the day at Cobscook Shores in Lubec.

Part 7 describes our hike from the above trailhead at Cobscook Shores in Lubec.

For your viewing pleasure, here are four views of the Purple Palace in Milbridge, Maine referenced above.

3800 square feet is a lot of square feet for $199K

Interested? Sorry, it’s off the market, for now!

4 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Travel Route One from Kittery to Fort Kent, Maine (Part 6 of 10) – Ellsworth to Lubec

  1. It looks so quiet and peaceful (and affordable) up there! I understand not wanting to leave an area where you can get to family in an hour. Could you paint your house purple 🙂
    Have a fun weekend!

  2. So glad it was a sale pending . I would hate to think of you moving !!!!( lol) you have the best adventures!

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