Dan’s Wearing a Mask Again (August 2021)

Though fully vaccinated since February 2021, this morning I wore my cloth mask into our gym, Coastal Fitness, in Kittery due to the emergence of the Delta variant.  I didn’t see any other masks among the seniors or the young dudes lifting weights.  I wore one into the Nike Outlet store when I was buying new athletic shoes for pickleball; a few others were wearing masks, including all the sales staff.  Even for fifteen seconds, I slip on my mask to pick up take-out chicken burritos from Loco Coco’s Tacos. 

There is no mandate to wear a mask indoors in Maine as of August 13, 2021.  As it turns out, Mainers are getting the message being second in the country having 97.7% fully vaccinated adults 65 and over.  (Vermont blows everyone out of the water at 99.6%!!  You go Green Mountaineers!) 

Maine is second for adults eighteen and over that are fully vaccinated at 68.8% while Vermont crushes it at 70.3%.

Let me say that I don’t wear a mask outdoors playing pickleball, biking on our country roads, walking on the Maine shoreline, nor when friends are over on our front deck.  I don’t wear it at our gym when I am stepping on the elliptical nor pedaling on the recumbent.

So why do I wear a mask indoors when I don’t have t? 

I just want the people I come in contact with to have a better chance of not getting Covid.  As a vaccinated Mainer, I know I could be asymptomatic and pass the virus to another.  If I do pass it on to a vaccinated one, it’s unlikely they will have any more than mild cold symptoms.

If I do pass the virus on to an unvaccinated one, I’m sorry, so be it.  They chose not to get vaccinated when there are vaccines for everyone!  By wearing a mask, I am looking out for the greater good and the unvaccinated as well, who are the reason I am wearing a mask at all.

Wearing a mask is my small rock thrown in the pond rippling good health for us all.

11 thoughts on “Dan’s Wearing a Mask Again (August 2021)

  1. It seems even vaccinated immunocompromised people aren’t protected fully so until a booster proves effective, we need to mask for them too. Several members of my family who thought they were home free, aren’t.

  2. Dan,

    I really appreciated your mask blog. It’s hard to return to it, but I, too, want to do all I can to help others. I just wish all people could feel the same.


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