Dan on Hannah’s Frog Wall – Update July 2021

On March 1, 2020, we had no idea what was coming down the Covid Pike.  That afternoon three days before Hannah and I were set to fly home to Maine, friends from Santa Barbara, Bill and Claudia, had us for lunch.  After, they showed us the Frog Wall of Santa Barbara.

Bill and Claudia with Hannah
Frog Wall in Santa Barbara, California

Immediately that got Hannah thinking of our own Frog Wall in York.  We cleared the land adjacent to our property along Chases Pond Road, finding rocks aplenty for the Frog Wall.

Our Italian stone mason friend Paul got us going with an initial plan.

Our friend Paul working on the Frog Wall

From there Hannah got to work.

Enjoy the 57 second video from July 16, 2021 of York’s granddaughter Frog Wall to Santa Barbara’s Big Mama Frog Wall.

4 thoughts on “Dan on Hannah’s Frog Wall – Update July 2021

  1. Very nice! I hadn’t realized the Frog Wall received it’s inspiration from a similar project in Santa Barbara.


  2. Hello, I enjoyed the post about Dan’s letter jacket, and the “deep cleaning” which my wife and I are doing presently. We get up every day and launch into this like it is a job or something.  I played tennis for Wittenberg during two of the years,1968 and 1969 that Dan played. I have accumulated a bunch of information about Ohio Conference tennis during this timeframe. I would like to ask Dan a couple of questions about Wooster’s 1969 spring trip if that is okay. Let me know if okay and I will ask the questions. I know my recollection isn’t the greatest going back that far, but hopefully Dan can remember some things. Thanks! Scott Grimes

    • Scott, send on your questions. The southern trip I remember was to VMI and Virginia Tech. Maybe your questions will spark a memory or two. We had the Dutchman, Al Van Wie as our coach. His priority was coaching basketball and tennis less so.

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