Dan’s Wednesday Quote of the Week #33 –

the hardest work we do is self-love and forgiveness.

Ali and I shared a struggle with perfectionism, the most toxic condition of the soul.

Anne Lamott in Dusk Night Dawn: On Revival and Courage (2021)

Hannah’s dear friend and Arizona State University mentor, Nan Inskeep, emailed Hannah last week, “To run, not walk and get this book!” That was enough for me to request it through interlibrary loan from the York Public Library. Since it was Nan recommendation, I began reading it immediately upon bringing the book home. I’ve finished the first chapter and so far, so good.

Anne Lamott is a favorite of ours. We have these three books on our shelves. Bird by Bird is the classic about writing that I read in the 1990s when I began developing as a writer.

9 thoughts on “Dan’s Wednesday Quote of the Week #33 –

  1. Anne Lamott is a favorite of mine! “Operating Instructions” made me laugh and laugh and “Bird by Bird” is a treasure. By the way, I think you have a Natalie Goldberg interloper in your picture. 🙂

      • I kept thinking of the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the other!” lol Did you enjoy the Goldberg book, too? I really liked “Writing Down the Bones”, but haven’t read the one you showed.

  2. Love Natalie Goldberg, too. “Writing Down the Bones” was the breakthrough book for me that encouraged me to play with language and that writing can be enjoyable. What a concept! When most people hate writing, are scared to get their writing out there, and are so self-critical! So self-critical! WDTB had such short chapters that it was easy for me to apply what I was learning about writing.

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