Dan and What He Has Learned Over the Last Year and What He Will Take Forward – KGUA #55

2017 at Nevada Falls

For the July 12, 2021 KGUA radio Morning Writer’s Hour hosted by Mark Gross and Peggy Berryhill in Gualala, California, we are asked to freewrite on What have you learned/experienced from the past year and a half that you will carry into the future?

I am carrying the transformative belief to Expect the Good into the future.  As you might guess, it’s a journey as I am in the process of being it on a daily basis. Perhaps, I’m currently in the teenage phase of my development.

You might be thinking, slow down Sparky!  What’s this good you are seeing that’s coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Well, let me explain. 

Certainly, 600K dying, serious health issues for many others, jobs lost, lives disrupted cannot be ignored.  But I am zeroing in on the microlevel of my life, my intentions, my daily practice.  Expecting the Good is my upside look at the downside of the pandemic. 

So, Danny Boy, what if things don’t turn out quote Good.  Stuff happens, you know.

True.  Then I go to part B!   Find the Good

September 2017 with our friends Mary Lynne and Wayne Boardman at the Nevada Falls

For example, take our upcoming September trip to Yosemite National Park.  Hannah and I are fired up and expecting a great day of hiking to the Nevada Falls high above the Yosemite Valley floor.  Even so, we are well aware that it could rain, why it could even snow at that elevation in late summer.  Wildfires could close the park.  Stuff happens. 

If we don’t get to the top, we’ll find some other good that day.  My goodness we are in the Sierras of California.  It can’t be too hard to find some good! 

Expecting the good has me anticipating really cool possibilities on a daily basis.  And then, if it’s not the good I expected, I become more resourceful to find some good.

Words – 241

Post script 2021 – In addition to our Seniors Pass that gives us access to all national parks, this year we need a reservation to be allowed into Yosemite National Park for three days. Easy to procure, the $2 reservation has immediate benefits in that online reviews suggest that the park experience is more manageable and enjoyable without the mobs of touristos we experienced in September 2017.

2 thoughts on “Dan and What He Has Learned Over the Last Year and What He Will Take Forward – KGUA #55

  1. Expect the good certainly is a comforting way to live. I try to do that, but sometimes the troublesome overcomes me. But there always is another day.

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