Dan and Being Proud – KGUA #53

Rockin’ Robyn

For the Summer Solstice June 21, 2021 KGUA radio Morning Writer’s Hour hosted by Mark Gross and Peggy Berryhill in Gualala, California, we are asked to freewrite on What has someone else done that made you proud of them? Here’s a chance to tell them or tell them again- and let everyone know.

Our Robyn turns 40 later this summer.  Let me tell you, she’s had an eventful life.

At nearly four, she complained of aches in her knees and elbows when I would swing her around in the front yard.  She’d wake up 6 or 7 times a night.  Three months later we learned she had leukemia.  That’s blood cancer for the uninitiated, like I was back in 1985.

US Army soldier Robyn

Tough kid, she came out the other side after two years of chemo and radiation spindly but determined.

Artistic at heart, Robyn found the routines of regular public school a challenge.  Persevering, she did what she had to do to make it through the education gauntlet. Eventually, she earned her B.A. in criminal justice.

In an extended family of accomplished siblings, nieces, and nephews, she chose a most difficult path – joining the US Army as a soldier.  After 15 months in Afghanistan at the height of that nasty war, she came home ready to take her place in society.

Her heart remains with kids who have life-threatening illnesses like she had.  Each year she volunteers in Florida to support the work of Give Kids the World, an organization that provides Disney World activities for families so they can get away from their daily lives of hospitals and treatments for five beautiful days.

As her dad, I’ve had my positive moments and ones where I didn’t quite get it.  Through it all, we stayed connected; I am so damned proud of the young woman she is today.

Words – 242

10 thoughts on “Dan and Being Proud – KGUA #53

  1. I can see why Robyn has made you so proud, Dan!! Such a nice tribute to your daughter. BRAVO to you both!!

    Live well. Love much. Laugh often. T


  2. It was great to read this story I was aware of this very special daughter of yours, and it was great to see this story in print. Bless her sou and her parents’ souls as well as
    they followed her path with her.

  3. Dan, This is very touching and undoubtedly means a lot to Robyn!! What a beautiful photo of her too!! She has certainly endured a lot in her life so far, but most likely carries much of the grace and wisdom that you and Hannah have bestowed on her to help her through the tough times!! Your writing is such a gift to your children and grandchildren!! XO, Donna

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