Dan’s Wednesday Quote of the Week #4 – Masks

Refusing to wear a mask is today’s equivalent of drunken driving. The odds of killing someone are low, but collectively this year the refusal to wear masks will kill far more Americans than driving under the influence.

Nicholas Kristof, multiple Pulitzer Prize winner

Masked men and woman (Tip, Owen, Molly, and Max)
True believer

Alerting Hannah and me to three little known organizations that are making the world a better place, Nicholas Kristof has guided us where to donate this holiday season.

  1. Camfed (Campaign for Female Education) to support girls to learn, thrive, and lead. Girls’ education is key to tackling the world’s greatest challenges. Yet, even before COVID-19, 52.2 million girls in sub-Saharan Africa were out of school, and millions more are now at risk.
  2. OneGoal helping close the college divide. OneGoal is working to create a world where all students can earn a college degree and define their future. This one-of-a-kind program partners with high schools in low-income communities to bridge the postsecondary degree dive.
  3. Himalayan Cataract Project giving the gift of sight. Of the more than 36 million people worldwide suffering from unnecessary blindness, half are due to cataracts that can be surgically treated. The cure exists, but remains out of reach for many living in low-resource countries.

To learn more about these initiatives, click on this link https://kristofimpact.org/

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