Dan’s Letter to Sadie, our cat – KGUA radio #28

For the December 7, 2020 KGUA radio Morning Writer’s Hour, we are asked to free write about our pet, past, present, future, adopted, imaginary or just lives in our own orbit (example-the jackrabbit that shows up behind the bush everyday) in 250 words or less.   I am going to show you our cat Sadie’s letter to me to clarify just how she feels about our relationship.

Dear Dan,

Truth be told, you are not much better than a C+ as a cat owner. 

I do appreciate that you are the one that comes to get me each morning in the ping pong room.  That said, I’m not thrilled spending the night in a cold room when I could be prancing around on your bed, being my sweet nocturnal self. 

Oh, I gotta say I do love spending two months with your friend Karen when you are in California.  There’s no overnight banishment when I’m with her.  I get the warm guest bedroom all to myself.  Sorry to see you go! Not!

I do have to say you are responsive when I go outside and am ready to come back in almost immediately.  Through the front window, I see you jump up when you see me on the front porch table.  And then there’s that smile on your face when within two minutes I want to go back out; and then five minutes after that when I want in.

Have I thanked you for disposing the chipmunks that I leave at your front door?  I only wanted to play with the little fellas.  Sorry!

Now that I think about it, make it a B-.   That feels about right.  But certainly you can do better.

Your bff, Sadie.

Words – 223

If you liked this free write, like cats, and/or want to get your Zen on, I have two book to glowingly recommend to you that came to us by way of our good friend, Laurie Lee. These are rock solid.

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