Dan and One Thing He’s Accomplished Since March 2020 – KGUA radio #26

For the November 23, 2020 KGUA radio Monday Morning Writer’s Hour, we are asked to free write about one thing we’ve accomplished since March 2020 in 200 words or less.  

I hope that this doesn’t come off as smug, but what I’ve accomplished during the last eight months is to accept my life as it is.  During the Covid-19 pandemic I have been merely inconvenienced, not devastated as has been the case for so many around the world.

It’s no false humility, just trying to keep it real, and acknowledge the advantages that Hannah and I have.  Among them are: being healthy, retired, having ample resources, believing in science, white, college-educated, and especially having each other.

I acknowledge that’s quite a septet of advantages going into the pandemic.  It’s my variation of white privilege.  There were no bootstraps that got me where I am today.  I didn’t hit a double; I was born on second base.

To maintain this reality during this crises, I wash my hands, wear a mask, socially distance, and avoid gathering indoors.  I’ll take the vaccine once Dr. Fauci gives me his personal go ahead.

I recognize my plentiful breaks in life.  The question becomes, how will I share my abundance with others?

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6 thoughts on “Dan and One Thing He’s Accomplished Since March 2020 – KGUA radio #26

  1. What you write here is very true. I think our generation won the lotto when it came to when to be born. The Second World War was over and the 50s were a time of prosperity. The 60s brought some societal changes. I could go on. Our white privilege was never questioned and post-secondary education was inexpensive and available. There was no Vietnam War in Canada so we had a pretty smooth ride up here. Acknowledging how lucky we have been is not smug, it’s telling it like it is. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. That’s a key point. Our white privilege was never questioned. I feel like I also taught in the golden years of public education, 1970-1996. I could be creative as a teacher and get to know my students without the crushing burden of preparing them for standardized tests. I left public school teaching when the onslaught of testing was just beginning. Do you feel that way for your public school teaching experience?

  3. So well put, Dan! You stay so “grounded”. You have much to offer the world. If you have time. . .and could discuss with Han – my little “now dilemma” is – we’re a family of 8 adults, 4 grandchildren, plus two strangers. Thanksgiving plan is to eat outside, chairs distanced around the yard. Pam would serve food w/mask and gloves. I am having serious doubts about hosting this gathering. I feel “ungracious” to call it off, but I HAVE to keep Targe safe (and I have to be safe for him).


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