Dan and a New Place Discovered During the Pandemic – KGUA radio #24

For the November 2, 2020 KGUA radio Monday Morning Writer’s Hour, we are asked to free write about a new place that we have discovered locally since our travels have been restricted during the pandemic.   

A local foray

With the coming of the Maine winter, the pandemic has indeed limited our travels.  There’s no September overnight to Acadia National Park for Hannah and me.  No foray to Georgia for fall pickleball.  But it takes Google to take me on a local trip.  Let me explain.

Apple iPhone 8

Wanting to put my iPhone video of our Frog Wall (it’s a collection of frogs on our front yard stone wall) on YouTube, I find I can’t log in.  Google wants my password.  I guess a few passwords and come up empty.  So I accept their suggestion of “bibre3-zUkvgs-hitjuv.”  Really!  Who remembers such gobbledygook?

Going back to YouTube, I see it wants my new password which I didn’t write down.  So, I am locked out of my Gmail account.  I can’t share my video.  I can’t get email.  And I am lost.  I know, first world problem.

And this is where my local trip begins.

Instead of going down the rabbit hole of worst case scenario, I go upstairs and travel to the quiet of my mind.  A few breaths in and out and I just relax. 

Thirty minutes later I return from my short trip to Zen Land to find instructions on my phone to go to my Settings app, which I had overlooked.  In minutes, I change my password to something intelligible.  Voila!  My video lives.

Just rolling down the road to the quiet my mind.

Words – 233

A little mirth for this day before the 2020 presidential election

Click here for the 80 second Frog Wall video.

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