Dan and Hannah and What is Going On Here!

Similar to our suet cage

A week ago an animal has ripped our suet bird feeder cage off its metal shepherd’s hook and feasted on the suet thirty feet away. Unable to find the suet cage, I eventually found it while mulching the yellow beech leaves of our front yard with our mower. I thought raccoon. Hannah thought bear.

The suet cage after meeting up with our mower 30′ from where it hung on the one remaining standing shepherd’s staff

Then this Monday morning (October 26, 2020), we wake to mayhem. Let the 60 second video do the talking! (Click on the picture below if the white triangle in the center of the picture does not show up.)

We have seen one moose on our property in the 38 years that we have lived on Chases Pond Road in York, Maine. We have never seen a bear.

Help us unravel this mystery by commenting in the space below.

A knowledgeable friend thought Possibly if the pole is not just knocked over but actually bent it was a bear. My feeder at camp which is 12 feet off the ground suspended on a telephone pole was on the ground busted. I fixed it and put it back up. This weekend I found evidence that told me the culprit, a black bear.

16 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah and What is Going On Here!

  1. Where do I go for the video?

    Karen C. Lynge
    Office Manager
    Great Bay Marine, Inc.
    (603) 436-5299 Main
    (603) 380-9247 Direct
    (603) 436-9834 Fax

  2. Around here it’s a bear’s MO. We’ve lived in Corning since 1981 and have only started seeing them recently, even during the day. All of our neighbors have had their feeders and grills destroyed.

    • As the word gets out, your story of bears in your neighborhood is more likely than not. See George Ellis’s suggestion below. Seems like an interesting take. First, we have to straighten our metal shepherd’s staffs.

  3. I also think that a bear is the only animal I can think of that would have enough weight to knock over/bend the two poles. While a moose is heavy enough, he doesn’t need to knock it down, he can reach it just fine. I’m thinking you should straighten out the pool if possible, stand it up, refill the feeder, and then make up a nice slurry of mud around the bottom of the pole…hoping to capture some fresh tracks the next morning. I believe that bears., like moose have a routine and may come back through since they found some food the last time they visited. I can BEARLY wait to hear the next chapter!

    • Intriguing idea with lots of potential. I bet they came back last night. A neighbor came over and said the same thing happened to their feeders. Do you know the expression “winter larding” for what bears to prepare for hibernation?

  4. I think George has a good idea! Time to do some tracking! Enjoyed everyone’s comments! And there is a good amount of lard in the suet blocks for winter larding! Keep us posted, we are on the edge of our seats! Can’t believe it bent the metal pole so severely!! Let’s cross “squirrel” off the “whodunnit” list!

    • It’s unanimous! Black bear. I think George’s idea is a good one. I wish he were here to make it happen! Not even Rocky of Rocky and Bullwinkle could take of those poles. Half inch of snow this morning here that will melt quickly. Love October snow for that reason.

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