Dan and Hannah – The Frogs are Coming!

People from Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, and Massachusetts have brought/sent frogs for our Frog Wall.  To entice you to become a part of Frog Nation, I’ve a one minute, twenty second video for you to see the Frog Wall circa October 2020.

12 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah – The Frogs are Coming!

  1. I like it. Will have to see if I can be the first international contributor!! Now to find a suitable Canadian looking frog!

  2. Too fun Dan! I love to see how our sister frog wall is growing! Here in Santa Barbara, CA, there are hundreds of frogs now on the wall. We recently visited and noticed quite a few new ones. Keep up the good work!

    • Funny you mention the house being easier to find. Just yesterday, we gave a pickleball player from New Hampshire directions to our house – look for the blue Hannah’s Loft breadboard and the frog wall. Our outdoor pickleball season is nearly at a close. We’ll not play in doors due to Covid. You two?

  3. Dan and Hannah: Lovely small town frog community. But don’t forget the big city of Willimantic.  Nowhere else in the world might you see our famous frog bridge (attached). Hope that when it is safe you will hop over this a-way. Hear you soon on the radio. David   Best wishes to you and yours for a HEALTHY and happy fall.  

    David Stoloff’s Email Account stoloffdavid@yahoo.com 86 Pigeon Road, Willimantic, CT 06226 tel. no. (860) 450-1294

  4. I hadn’t thought of my home away from home (1999-2003), Willimantic, CT. That’s right. A pilgrimage to Frog Central in eastern Connecticut is on the post-Covid era. Thanks for the reminder.

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