Dan and Hannah and the Yard Signs of 2020

In yards in our neighborhood, signs are appearing on front lawns and weirdly in trees for the current president.  At about a five to one ratio, we being the one, the signs favor the current occupant of the White House and dominate the yard-scape here on Chases Pond Road.

Having lived in this neighborhood for nearly 40 years, we are friendly with our neighbors but not really close.  It seems like a typical 21st century neighborhood that for the most part keeps to themselves and live lives with their circle of friends and family. 

A week ago, a friend of the family, State Rep Patty Hymanson, stops by and asks us to put up a sign supporting her re-election to the Maine Legislature. Our Chases Pond Road is an active country road that leads into town or south onto I-95 to New Hampshire and Boston.  Within the hour, we replace our Dalai Lama sign with hers. 

Then a few days later, on our weekly visit to our daughter Molly’s place, she gives us a We Believe sign.

For some context, in March as the pandemic was in its infancy, Hannah and I gave each of our kids $200 to support their immediate needs as well donate some of the money to a cause they believe in. 

Our daughter’s family surprises us by donating all the money we gave them. While our grandsons Max set up a neighborhood ice cream get-together and Owen donated money to the local food pantry, Tip supported Black Lives Matter in Boston and Molly contributed to Bail Bonds, fighting against the reality that what kind of trial folks get depends on the amount of money they have.   Further, this summer they took their sons to Black Lives Matter rallies in their hometown supporting social justice and peace.

By the next morning, we place the We Believe sign in our front yard.

As is our nature, Hannah and I can seem “nice” and self-effacing, legitimately shy and introverted.  Characteristics that others can mistakenly take as wishy-washy and lacking substance.  We want our yard signs to send a different message.

We are Obama blue in a neighborhood of red upon red.  Dan, what about dialogue with your neighbors?  Rather than debating, it seems reasonable to have conversations to learn about the other’s point of view.  That is a valid point. But for the next thirty-one days, I’d rather spend my time supporting my candidates than learning about their support of the current chief executive. 

A bigger man might spend the time seeking out the other side before November 3, but I guess I am just not that bigger man.  And anyway, there is no way on God’s Good Green Earth that I would vote for the Republican nominee for president. 

For the time being our signs will identify where we stand and where they stand; and that will create a mini-wall between us.  But come November, the signs will come down and we will invite our neighbors to bring a frog to our roadside Frog Wall, and perhaps some non-political conversation and connection. 

We can all be a part of Frog Nation. And so can you!

8 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah and the Yard Signs of 2020

  1. What a great We Believe sign. No political signs in our neighborhood here in Corning, but earlier this year, while there were still 20 Dem candidates to choose among, a blue sign went up in our FL neighborhood: Voting for Any Functioning Adult. My first job out of college was in the White House. Every staff member was professional, courteous, and dedicated, or maybe I was too young and naive to see the sordid underbelly of politics. But I think not. The Leader sets the example and tone.

    • Our Santa Barbara friends had the Any Functioning Adult sign in their front yard. They said daily people were taking pictures of it. You worked at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!! We have lots to learn about each other once Covid hits the road.

  2. Loved this one. I’m with you about the election. If our country is to survive, Biden must win.



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