Dan Introduces Hannah’s Frog Wall of York, Maine

Ever been to the Frog Wall of Santa Barbara, California?

Neither had we until our hiking/pickleball friends, Claudia and Bill, took us there this past winter.  Over the last few years, frogs have organically began appearing on Paterna Road on the hillside in Santa Barbara.

Hannah with Bill and Claudia on the Frog Wall West in Santa Barbara

Immediately taken with the idea of a Frog Wall, Hannah made it her mission to create a Frog Wall in front of our house in York, Maine.

Caitlin’s Frog in the foreground and Norm’s in the distance

Ergo, we cleared the forest floor behind the frog wall, collected rocks for the wall’s construction, and began to spread the word that frogs are welcome to Maine.

Thanks to our local friends Karen and Mandy, our sister-in-law Stacy and niece Liesje, our pickleball buddy Norm, and pickleball friends Genny and Alan (their granddaughter Caitlin painted a frog on stones), frogs are beginning to populate our Frog Wall.

Though the stone wall for your frogs won’t be completed until 2021 due to Hannah’s fractured left elbow and second bunion surgery this Wednesday with its 6 to 8 week rehab, we invite you to bring a frog for the Frog Wall of York, Maine and watch those frogs multiply.

If you are from Away, please consider sending us a frog that will make you a proud member of Frog Nation, and come visit the FW the next time you are in town. 

Karen’s Frog

As you no doubt know, a frog is a short bodied, tailless amphibian. 

What’s the difference between a frog and a toad, Dan?  Well, most frogs have long legs and smooth skin while toads generally have shorter legs and rougher, thicker skins.

The forest glade between our house and the Frog Wall (the far end center left)
Max (in red) and Owen checking out the Frog Wall (circa 2020)
The Santa Barbara Frog Wall, our inspiration
Norm’s Frog on Chases Pond Road

12 thoughts on “Dan Introduces Hannah’s Frog Wall of York, Maine

    • Look forward to your frog. Saturday’s blog shows the growing frog-ness on our wall. Welcome to Frog Nation! A month ago Hannah fell from her bike. After two days in a soft cast, the orthopedist wanted her moving and grooving her arm so stiffness wouldn’t be a problemo. She’s at 90% now and just today got her surgical boot after today’s post-op bunion appointment.

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