Exploring Utah with Owen and Max – KGUA radio #14

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For broadcast on August 10, 2020, KGUA radio (Gualala, California) asks writers to free write about in 200 words or less: What is something in front of you that you want to go after, experience, or explore?  What (who) is behind you stopping you from going forward?

Exploring Utah with Owen and Max

Utah map

Moab is near Arches NP

Our grandsons are six and eight.  Hannah and I had big plans to take Max and his older brother Owen to Utah this past April (2020).  In one week’s time, we’d visit four of Utah’s five national parks – Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Bryce Canyon.  The boys are at an age where they can hike the trails and enjoy the high desert world so different from their home in New England.

We had rented a condo in Moab with a pool and would have the good company of their parents, our daughter Molly and her hubby Tip;  he just so happens to have the grilling gene that I was born without.

But out of the blue in March (2020), the coronavirus turned our world and theirs upside down.  There was so much unknown about the exploding pandemic.  So many questions with few palatable answers.  Ergo, we postponed our adventure.

It’s now August.  Time to make plans for April 2021.  But the questions and wonderings remain, answers remain elusive.

Who knows what the world will be like in nine months.  So April 2022 is on the table as a possible year for our adventure.  Hell, they’ll be eight and ten and be able to do even more.

Words – 200

Utah five grandkids

The featured picture has Owen in the red Pi shirt with his brother to his right and his cousins, Brooks in blue and six week old Reese (to Owen’s right) and Charlotte looking on in amazement.

6 thoughts on “Exploring Utah with Owen and Max – KGUA radio #14

  1. Again, thanks for sharing. I love the photo of the children. And yes, we live our lives in uncertainty. Not easy to adapt to this. Michelle Obama shared her thoughts recently. At times there is a deep feeling of sadness.



  2. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I adore the picture!!!! What amazing healthy eager kids. What a lifetime of adventure ahead! Will we modify our lives because of this unseen monster? I pray our scientists come up with an answer – maybe like spray sunscreen. . . Pam and Tom spent last month in Utah. He could work, she biked and hiked. It’s taking some ingenuity to stay sane in constant sunshine, nary a cloud to cool us off. I went to the Trader Joe’s early shopping for us “seniors”, bought their fantastic bruschetta and shrimp – Sue will come swim (well, stand) with us tonight and we can dine outside if we’re wet.

    The roasted, d and t


    • Thanks for connecting. We’ve had a full house with Will’s family of five. So I’m a little behind in my correspondence. You send like you are making the most of these challenging times. Our humidity just broke and our day is delightfully dry.

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