Dan and Hannah Give Blood and Have a Covid Test – the Results

The results from the American Red Cross after Hannah and I gave blood in Kittery, Maine ten days ago (July 24, 2020).

COVID-19 Antibody Test Result*: Negative


A negative test result means that you probably have not been exposed to COVID-19 and therefore have not developed antibodies to the virus. It also could indicate that antibodies are present but at levels below the test’s threshold for detection, or that the test did not recognize those antibodies. It is possible that you can still contract the virus, if exposed. It takes one to three weeks after an infection for antibodies to be present.

We both are not surprised.  We take seriously the big three: social distancing, wearing masks around others, and avoid going inside unless we absolutely must (i.e. grocery shopping and very little else).

Thanks to our Governor Janet Mills and the many responsible citizens of Maine, we as a state are doing well to date.  When you consider all the out-of-state visitors to our beaches in southern Maine, it’s surprising how well the Pine Tree State is doing.

Covid map to ogunquit

Last weekend at noon, Hannah and I biked to the main beach in Ogunquit from our home in York.  We rode up and down the massive parking lot and saw two Maine license plates out of seventy.  Clearly, Mainers are staying away from the beaches at crunch time.

Covid pickleball

Hannah and I are able to stay active and are not cloistered.  We do play outdoor pickleball in selected groups of four or five and go masked to our gym surrounded by heavy plastic on three sides (though currently we are on haitus).  We don’t do restaurants, but get chicken burritos take-out at Loco Coco’s in Kittery.  We have a friend or two for social distancing drinks and apps on our front deck.  I play ping pong in a trusted friend’s basement once a week.  We see our grandsons for 24 hours at our home.

All we do is simple enough because of the warm weather.  November is still three months away.  Then we’ll go into Phase Two (for us), whatever that might be.

It’s not rocket science to give ourselves the best shot at being Covid-free.  We are just trying to live the two R’s: being reasonable and responsible.

6 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Give Blood and Have a Covid Test – the Results

  1. Sounds much like our current lifestyle. Grocery shopping with masks. Bill occasionally boats and fishes. We take short hikes on trails near our house. We visit with family outdoors. But we’re unsure about our usual trips to Florida and Arizona, both virus hotspots. Fauci says he’s not flying anywhere at his age, too risky. Looks like a cold NY winter is in our future.

    • We 72 year olds get it since we are at the highest risk. As for California for us in 2021? We stay for two months in an interesting part of the Golden State 100 miles north of Los Angeles. At this point, we are going to fly to LAX come January and get out of Dodge. Things could change. Hope not.

  2. Thanks for doing your part! I’m keeping my fingers crossed (and my mask on…and my social distancing in place) and hoping that Maine’s numbers remain low even with the recent influx of tourists. It’s unnerving though to see all those out-of-state plates around!

  3. I am amazed that our numbers in Maine are so low given all the tourists we see on the York and Ogunquit beaches and on the Maine Turnpike heading your way. And they will for the most part be gone in two weeks. It’s fortunate we have not had all the Canadians we usually have. Then again, they’d probably be a helluva more responsible than the average Americano.

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