Dan and Hannah and Their CSA

Our first bounty from the Orange Circle Farm has arrived!

CSA2 jeff and hannah

Masked Hannah with Farmer Jeff to the right at the Kittery, Maine pick-up location

CSA – Community Supported Agriculture

Hannah and I signed up for a weekly delivery of local vegetables after all hell broke loose in early March 2020 due to the coronavirus global pandemic.  Not knowing the ride the pandemic was to take us on, Hannah and I stepped up to support two local farmers by buying a full share for the 2020 growing season.

As a quasi-vegetarian anyway, I need more iron in my diet.  When I donate blood to the American Red Cross, routinely my hemoglobin number struggles to reach the required 13.0 g/dL*.  *(g/dL is grams per deciliter!! – as we all know a gram is 1/30 of an ounce).

With some leafy kale, my hemoglobin is rocket man!

Our first bin of veggies arrived the first week of June, 2020.  Check out our bounty.

CSA2 list of veggies

CSA2 mesclun

Mesclun (often for salad greens)

CSA2 bok choi

Bok Choy supports cancer prevention, promotes healthy digestion, and has insane levels of vitamin A and C

CSA2 spinach 2

Spinach supports healthy skin, hair, and strong bones

CSA2 kale

Kale, kale, kale, the gang’s all here.  My iron source of choice.

CSA2 scallions

Scallions (the same as green onions)

CSA2 dill

Dill (good for digestion problems including loss of appetite, intestinal gas (farting for the crude among you), and liver problems

CSA2 radishes

Radishes (another fine source of Vitamin C)

CSA2 lettuce

Lettuce alone (say those two words out loud and you’ll see how funny I can be)

Tempting?  Perhaps, a CSA bin of veggies is in your future?


4 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah and Their CSA

  1. Love this!!!! May you and Hannah feast on these fresh from Mother Nature plants!!!!! This went straight to my heart; I’m a salad girl for sure. Come join me in a chopped salad from Mesa, dried corn, quinoa, elderberry or some small berry, arugula, and chicken with basil dressing. Sadly, Arizona is not friendly to my farm girl attempts.

    If things get much crazier. . .I might choose little, 10,000 pop. Baraboo with its town square, free Carnegie library, now sporting a winery w/driving range – 10$ gets you a bucket of balls and a glass of wine, a distillery, and finally, a brewery. I watched Scottsdale Fashion Square being smashed and looted – news said it “got ahead” of the police, they couldn’t interfere, too dangerous. Pam’s Annie, has Covid. Thankfully, a very light case. She had a bad headache, decided to stay away from our Father’s Day gathering. . . then got tested. Received the results Thurs, one week from testing (being smart, she has been in quarantine).

    Keep well, you precious grandparents!!!!! d


  2. It’s amazing all the things Hannah can do with green leafy plants. For good eye health? Three things. One is to eat dark green leafy vegetables. The others – wear sunglasses and ingest daily fish oil tablets. Who knew! I’ll be interested to hear of Annie’s recovery. It seems the nasty Covid 19 can damage lungs after someone has “recovered.” It sees the two R’s are what we all need to be healthy and sane. Reasonable and responsible. Glad you and T Man are taking precautions. You two and we are in the vulnerable range for this virus.

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