Dan and Hannah Meet Reese and Charlotte for the First Time

Hannah and I have just returned from four days with our new identical twin granddaughters, Reese (the older by six minutes) and Charlotte (the younger).

We had come to Ithaca, New York where our son Will and his wife Laurel live to support them all as they became the parents of three kids under the age of two.

Surprisingly, we could tell them apart.  Reese has more hair and Charlotte has a rounder face.  Without delay, here are Charlotte and Reese!

CR girls together 3

Charlotte and Reese Rothermel

CR girls Charlotte


CR girls Charlotte face


CR girls with Omi 2

Reese with her Omi

CR girls nose to nose

CR girls with poppa

Poppa with the girls!

CR girls outside in bassinet

Reese and Charlotte outdoors

CR girls together again again

CR girls three guys

Three generations of Rothermel Men

CR girls together 2

Reese and Charlotte

CR girls with Brooks

Big brother Brooks with his sisters

CR girls with omi

Omi with her beautiful granddaughters


CR girls together

These girls are close

CR girls Omi and Poppa with Brooks and girls

Brooks with his Poppa and Omi as Charlotte (right) and Reese chill

CR girls with family of five

And babies make FIVE!

19 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Meet Reese and Charlotte for the First Time

    • Best to you two and the entire family. We are healthy and wearing masks! Who knew that would be a good idea! Look forward to our next time together. I always remember and appreciate the people who hired me for my first university position. Thanks.

  1. Oh my, how very precious. You must have had a wonderful experience meeting the new family members. How wonderful that they are welll. You have a beautiful family.



  2. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of the new girls in your family. They look very content and you all look so proud and of course very happy. Stay well. Carol and Ed Claus

  3. Too bad you live so far from these snuggle-bunnies. Would you like us to fill in for you? Our grandkids are all teens now so no babies in our future for a looong time. Thanks for posting those adorable photos of you and your family.

  4. I think back to Nevitt. . .WHO ever thought we’d be grand parents??????? I couldn’t even predict what the following day would bring!!!!!!! These are just about the most precious pictures of very special people. I pray these beautiful little children grow up in peace filled times and are surrounded by their loved ones always. Mmmmmmm, bet there’s a lot more hiking’ around Ithaca . . .

    blessings to the fam d


    • Not in a million years. Maybe, that was a good thing because we were living in the moment. That’s probably revisionist history. There are gorges all around Ithaca ideal for hiking and waterfalls. It was an unexpected pleasure to spend time with Reese and Charlotte.

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