Dan and Hannah Welcome Reese and Charlotte to the Family

Having experienced the joy of youthful male testosterone with our three energetic grandsons,

RC O and M

Owen and Max

RC brooks with mom and pop

Brooks with mom and pop


Hannah and I welcome our two identical twin granddaughters to the fold – Reese Kathryn Rothermel and Charlotte Mae Rothermel.

RC girls on pillow

Reese and Charlotte

Our son Will and his wife Laurel are ready for the ride of their life with three kids under the age of two.  As grandparents, Hannah and I have won the lottery, again.

Reese arrived first at 615P on June 1, 2020 weighing in at six pounds eight ounces, stretching out to just over eighteen inches.  Six minutes later Charlotte came barreling along at six pounds four ounces, a little lankier at nearly nineteen inches.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

RC girls together 2

RC girls together Reese yawning

RC sleeping together

RC will holding girls

RC brooks with one

RC girls in heart pillow

RC W with girls lying on him

RC girls awake

RC girls on pillow 2

RC girls looking at each other day 9

30 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Welcome Reese and Charlotte to the Family

  1. Oh my gosh…how absolutely adorable!!! All of them! Secretly 😉 I’m just a tiny bit partial to the newborn identical twin girl pics! Congrats everyone!!

    • Adorable with a capital A! You and your sis will be an inspiration to them! Sometime way down the road, but hopefully not that long, we’ll have you meet Reese and Charlotte and their parents to share twin stories. Did you two have your own language growing up?

  2. How exciting! My grandma had 3 sets of twins, starting in 1910 with my dad & his brother. None of those beautiful accessories these sweethearts have. My favorite pic is with big brother giving love. So thankful Will is an involved dad.
    More loving for Hannah and Dan!

  3. DAn! Congrats to you and Hannah! These sweet girls will bring balance to those amazing, crazy boys. 🙂
    I love that you shared so many pics. This may be the highlight of my day!
    Please send love to Will and Laurel. And as Octavia just turned 3 when we had our third, it’s a crazy, wild, busy, beautiful ride that I wouldn’t trade for e world!

  4. Precious overload! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ And their names are beautiful. I will pray constantly that we work out a majority of the negativity in this world, and that they live a life full of love, unity, and happiness. I know if their parents and grandparents have anything to do with it, they will be surrounded by all that is good. Congratulations everyone. I feel Dan & Hannah’s smiles all the way to Georgia 😁😍

    • I sent your comments on to Will and Laurel since you, like we, love the names they picked. Kathryn is Laurel’s mom sister who passed away. Mae is just a name they grew to love. We send you our love from the beaches of Maine to the hills of Georgia. Look forward to our next rendez-vous.

    • We look forward to meeting Reese and Charlotte in person next week. We hope four extra hands will support Will and Laurel’s family’s transition to a family of five. Joy, joy, joy.

  5. Hi Dan and Hannah,

    Congratulations! These two little darlings look perfectly beautiful. What fun to be had. Are you able to see and hold them? Probably not with all the C. Problem but knowing the are here and all is well is something to be thankful for. Love the pictures.

    Hannah i trust your foot surgery is continuing to heal and you are hiking around now..

    Love and blessings, Jean Santa Barbara


  6. We’ll head to New York next week to be with our granddaughters. Hold them? We’ll see. Hannah and I have been careful and reasonable during these times of the coronavirus. One month into her rehab, Hannah is walking 25 minutes in the neighborhood, albeit at a slower pace. Wishing you well. I see Unity of SB is opening up. Will you attend services?

  7. How appropriate: Twins born under the sign Gemini the Twins. And they missed my birthday by one day. Cutest photos ever. Boys are joys, but girls rule. Just ask my granddaughter. Congratulations all!

    • Happy birthday, JGH. I guess we know how old you are and you know how old we are. Love the expression “boys are joys, but girls rule.” We are off to Ithaca this coming week. Perhaps when the coronavirus dies down, we can rendez-vous for a “gorge-ous” walk/hike.

  8. Oh, double joy! What wonderful news!! I’m thrilled for all of you and thank you for the uplifting photos and post. It’s so refreshing to focus on something celebratory. Here’s hoping we can work together to create a stable and beautiful world worthy of these beautiful new beings. Congratulations to all!

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