Dan and His Pandemic Paragraph

I wonder if you could do me a favor.  It’s small, but it really matters to me.  And if I have it right, it’ll make your day, too.

Stim image of check

In March Hannah and I each received a federal government stimulus check.  I knew in the haste of Congress, there would be issues.  My getting one of the checks was one of the issues.  Doing very well, Hannah and I can find better uses for our $1200 than padding our bank account.  That’s where you come in.

Previously, Hannah and I gave some money to four clergy we know as women and men of the cloth are aware of folks who are hurting.  All four pastors came through in the clutch and directed our donations to folks in need.

Stim pay it forward

I want to give away the rest of my stimulus check to you.   Oh, there is a catch.  I want you to request the money to do something for someone else.  A 2020 pay it forward campaign.

Here’s where you come in.  I would like you to email me (danrothermel@gmail.com) or write below in the comment section of my blog in 50 to 100 words (no more!) and tell me of a person who could use a shot in the arm or organization for up to $100 and why.  It doesn’t have to earthshaking; it could be just something that would bring a smile to someone’s day.


One, a cup of coffee with a friend at an outdoor cafe during the pandemic

Two, a brother doing something for his sister, and all the permutations (i.e. sister to brother, sister to sister, brother to cousin, etc.)  Any age, from kids to boomers.

Three, a waitperson out of work or working less.

Four, someone furloughed or laid off.

Stim kind

Five, someone who was just kind to you recently, or in the past that you haven’t been in touch with for a while.

Six, a rabbi/imam/minister you know who, in turn, knows who needs support.

Seven, a thing another person could use during this global pandemic.

Eight, three half gallons of their favorite ice cream for a pandemic party.

Nine, a local cause you support.

Ten, yes people related to Hannah and me are eligible.

Eleven, an unsung, decent neighbor.

Tell me the little story behind this person or entity and how much you are requesting.  I want to give away $500 this month, but I can only do that with your support and their stories.

Stim over 60

In a future blog, I’ll include the stories without your name or the name of the person you are giving something to.  I’ll edit for clarity and keep them all quite anonymous, unless… you would let me identify you for our Over60hiker blog family.  I hope your stories will help spread this idea of giving.

The deadline is June 15, 2020.  I know, that’s soon.  Think, talk, listen, don’t be shy, and email me.

Francis of Assisi said it well, For it is in the giving that we receive.  For you and for me.

5 thoughts on “Dan and His Pandemic Paragraph

  1. Hi Dan & Hannah, what a wonderful ‘Pay it forward ‘ idea! I do have a wonderful couple who arrived here from Rwanda about a year ago, Jean-Pierre and Zena. They are so hardworking. Zena was taking English classes before covid hit, and JP worked at Bowdoin in food service. Had a beautiful baby boy 7 months ago. Food & clothing always welcomed. So there. My nominees ❣️
    Thank you! Xoxoxo Rose

    • Pierre and Zena are in our hearts. We’ll be in touch to support them. Who knows? Maybe someone reading this will support them, too. Thanks for posting in the comments section for others to see.

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