Dan on Corona Hugs for Radio Station KGUA #4

This week’s prompt for radio station KGUA 88.3 FM is HUG: What was the last physical hug you gave or received or What is the hug you want to remember most?  Coloring outside the lines, I made the prompt my own.

KGUA 4 M and O

Owen in green, Max in Blue with their photobombing parents!



Fortunately, I live with my main squeeze, so daily hugs happen, well, daily.  But I’ve got other hugs on my radar.

You see, Hannah and I live an hour north of our grandsons, Owen and Max, here in New England.  Each Wednesday, she and I drive south to pick up the boys at school (Owen is a first grader and Max is a kindergartner.).  Normally, we’d then go off for an adventure at a nearby park or to the local “One Stop Fun” indoor maze of slides, climbing tubes, and shiny colored bins of balls for jumping.

After their dinner, we’d read to the boys, tuck them in; they wouldn’t exactly stay tucked in, but then that becomes their parents, our daughter Molly and her hubby Tip, nightly challenge.  Once the boys have settled, Hannah and I have wine with Molly and Tip, followed by a dinner that Hannah has made for us all; I recommend her lasagna.

But it’s no longer “normally…”  The coronavirus has put these times on hold, up in the air, out to sea, and over the moon for what could be an awfully long time.  We do see Owen and Max once a week at a local golf course, that is closed to golfers, but allows the boys to run the fairways and reach into the ponds for golf balls as we catch up on Molly and Tip’s lives.

But there’s no hugging.

Especially not the hugs we are used to getting when we visit their home.  Owen and Max used to bolt out of their front door, run to greet us, and often hugging us around the legs.

Those are wrap-around-the-leg hugs are what I’m looking forward to!

KGUA 4 Family Rawding

Owen, Molly, Tip, and Max.  They are as fun as they look!

6 thoughts on “Dan on Corona Hugs for Radio Station KGUA #4

  1. Yes, though at least you can see them. Hugs will wait………( you should bring some wine to the golf course too………(?). Isn’t it all so crazy ? Love to you, Cally

    • Wine to the golf course! Brilliant! Our beaches in York are still closed though the ones in Wells just ten miles north opened recently. Beaches are such good places to walk for folks who have or have had (moi) plantar fasciitis. Easy on the feet! Hope you are riding out the storm well.

  2. ❤️❤️❤️. Hugs are so therapeutic. Love them from my “main squeeze”, too, but really missing them from friends and family. My memory says that Hannah gives the good, long, deeply sincere kind of hug. Sending some to you two now! ❤️❤️❤️

    • We both are fortunate to have someone whom we are sheltering at home with. There can be hugs all around. Excellent description of a Hannah hug. You know she is present when she hugs you! Love to you all on your mountaintop.

  3. Thanks for sharing this precious message. So glad that the golf course works for social distancing visits. We are in for a long haul of such innovations.

    • The local golf course is off limits now! We enjoyed whilit e we had. The Massachusetts course too is open to golfers and it is no longer an option for us. Golf always seemed like the perfect physical distancing sport. Drive away!

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