6 thoughts on “A quote on “Hope”

  1. Beautiful! And I have a knowing that the “good” will be bountiful, cause whatever you give to others comes back to you 10-fold! ❤️

  2. Dan, this reminds me of an ASU class I took on teaching students who perhaps haven’t the funds needed. He asked us if we ever felt poor. Few raised their hands. We talked about it – and came to the conclusion. . . as middle class types, we always had this hope inside of us, that it was possible to better our standard of living. In fact, it was probable. I guess, not so, if you don’t have enough food to fill the table! I think I knew you then. . .The Professor asked us to try to live on 2. or 3, or whatever it was back then for a week. I couldn’t do it – I was teaching, and a mom – I would have been sick, and I found myself craving a candy bar. Did you ever teach this, or experience it?

    ps – I am GG (granny goose). My mother always signed her gifts, grandmother goose. . .so keeping her memory alive. Targe is Poppy. You are Papa? Hannah is Ooma, oomi?


    • I didn’t have that class. I only went to ASU my senior year and took all the methods classes. I heard on a podcast that anger is the luxury of the well to do. Probably complaining about all the snow we’ve had over the last two days falls into that category. The working and poorer classes have little margin in their lives for such emotions or sentiments. We all have been very fortunate in our lives and our choices.

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