Dan and Hannah Have a 40-year old

Back in the late 1970s, Hannah and I nearly gave up the idea of having children of our own.  As 30-somethings, we weren’t making things happen.

You see, after two years of trying during our 6th and 7th year of marriage, we were thinking that a family was just not in the cards and the Universe was dealing us jokers.  So, we just gave up.  Quit.  But not so fast, my friend.

Molly hovatter to tempe

Carefree and thinking we’d be dinks (i.e. double income no kids) while driving to California, we pulled off deserted Hovatter Road, 50 some miles from the Colorado River in Arizona, and… well, Molly came into our lives eight months and twenty-seven days later on August 5, 1979.

As with many first-timers, Hannah and I were clueless at the parenting game; we were amazed that two days after Molly was born, the nurse at Desert Samaritan Hospital in Mesa, Arizona would actually just send us home with a short pep talk, but no game plan or instruction manual.  Hoping for the best, we drove eight pound five ounce Molly to our new home at 1206 East LaJolla Drive in Tempe.

On day ten, Molly cried for seven hours straight.  No lie, seven hours!  Making the classic first-time parent mistake, we held her, rocked her, sang to soothe her in our arms.  Hannah would hold her for 20 minutes while I stood in the backyard with the doors closed behind me so I couldn’t hear Molly’s cries, and then we’d switch roles.

Grasping for straws at 10P, we called the pediatrician who told us to put her in the crib and let her cry for 15 minutes.  In five minutes, Molly was asleep, and she had survived her first bout with our parenting.

Molly tempe to york

Moving from Arizona with 2 1/2 year-old Molly and her four-month-old sister Robyn, we settled into life on the coast of Maine.  Thinking that raising kids in a small town in New England would be pretty cool, 37 years later we know that we hit our version of the lottery.

Through her public school years, Molly played sports, succeeded academically, later followed me into public education as a teacher, married very well, and rocks as the mother of our grandsons, Owen (7) and Max (5).  We couldn’t be more pleased.

Molly at ACC

Early morning on the ninth green at Amesbury Country Club

Now that she lives but an hour away in Massachusetts, Molly and I have summers for golf.  Every two weeks, we arise before dawn to play nine holes at the Amesbury Country Club, a turn of the century course with wide, forgiving, and empty fairways.

Catching up over the past fortnight, we hit second shots if we want, don’t keep score, and celebrate each other’s well-struck shots.  After nine holes, we head to the Morning Buzz for coffee and eggs, home fries, and multi-grain toast.

I never could have imagined that life could be so good.

PS  We’ll celebrate her 40th tonight.

20 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Have a 40-year old

  1. We could not be anymore proud of Molly our selves. We love her, a beautiful wife to our wonderful son and terrific Mother to our fantastic grandsons! Xoxo

  2. Dan, I love this story. A wonderful dad and his girl. I share those joys, and like you, feel like the lottery of life gave me huge gift of allowing me to mother three.

    I have to smile. . .Randy is now a rather old man firefighter (how does this happen?) and his station is changing to a “ladder” crew, rather than smaller fires and medical. He’s very excited, new training, wider ranging area, serious stuff. Most would retire, he’s sad to have only a few more years.


  3. Thanks for sharing these loving thoughts.


    Gratitude can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.


    • We are ready, willing, and able to add our two cents to the wisdom you are and have taken from your dad and mom, Big Steve and Amelia! We are fired up to see you in a few weeks in the Village of Ashe!

  4. Really enjoyed this blog!!

    See you guys soon.


    Meyer Photography
    1302 Snowberry Drive
    Williamstown, NJ 08094


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