Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – Days 29-30 – Crossing the Finish Line (11 of 12)

August 8 Day 29 – It’s a travel/pickleball day as I am ready for the checkered flag.  Leaving Fredericton, New Brunswick in light rain at 530A, Hannah and I have 360 miles to our home on Chases Pond Road.  Midway, we break for two hours of pickleball at the Armstrong Tennis Center in Bangor.

Once home, we get a mid-afternoon call from Carolyn to play even more pickleball here in York Harbor.  Jumping at the chance to whack the yellow wiffle ball with Milt and Bob, we play for ninety minutes more.

After showering, I sit with Hannah on our front deck in what has become our routine for the last month – red wine for Hannah and air-popped popcorn for me.  Believe it or not, it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.   Of course, Day 1 of What’s Next is just two days away!

August 9 – Day 30 – If you don’t think the Universe has a sense of humor, you haven’t been paying attention.

Cleanse - Ruby's

Pickleballers (Molly, Tip, Hannah, Water Drinker) celebrating at Ruby’s

Six weeks ago, before any of this 30-day experiment stuff, Hannah and I set up a Friday afternoon of pickleball with our daughter Molly and her husband Tip, followed by happy hour half-priced margaritas and dinner at Ruby’s, a local pub.

Being my final day, I sip water while Hannah and Molly have a margarita.  It’s one final test.

I passed.


Note bene.  Next Saturday, I’ll post what I learned and what the future holds.

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