Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – Days 15-18 – The Dog Days of My Experiment (7 of 12)

July 25Day 15 – I’m in the Dry July doldrums (30 days without alcohol).  I feel none of the energy and daily positive reinforcement that came with each previous day of successfully not drinking alcohol.

That said, without a second thought, this morning I again have sparkly water with Fran and Sue after pickleball when he has a brew and she ice coffee (Ever the thoughtful hostess, Hannah keeps Fran company with 12 ounces of Flat Tire beer.).

Still, I feel no weakening in my resolve to see this 30-day experiment though.  Hell, I am half-way through!

Cleanse Reticular AS

July 26 – Day 16 – Ever heard of your reticular activating system (RAS)?  As I understand it, it’s the part of your brain that notices things that you ordinarily might miss because now you have read or been told about them. In my case, I am more attuned to articles/information about alcohol than a normally might have been.

Yesterday in this past Sunday’s New York Times, I read a mini-article on Here to Help: How to Indulge (But Stay Healthy) on Vacation – The Alcohol Factor.  Calories from alcohol are essentially empty and add up fast without filling you up.  In addition, alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which can lead to overeating.

Cleanse crackers and cheese

It’s my experience that wine leads to my overeating, especially pita chips and cheese and crackers, which I often have with wine.  And what kind of barbarian would I be if I gave up cheese and crackers!  The overeating thing is something I’ll need to be aware once I figure out where wine fits into my life.

July 27 – Day 17 – Loyal reader Laurie Lee has come up with an apt observation about publishing the results of this 30-day experiment every three or four days.   Keep it up, Dan. I’m sure writing in a blog helps motivate you to be successful with your 30-day commitment. I would imagine if you are about to have a weak moment and give in to the temptation of a cold brew, the thought that you have to tell that to your fan-base must be a help in saying “No”. Maybe I need to start a blog!

To date, there has not been that weak moment.  Knowing I’m being watched does keep me on my toes.

July 28 – Day 18 – I think that sticking to the full thirty days gives my eventual plan for alcohol a better shot at one I can commit to for the long-term.  The time I am taking to come up with a plan will more likely keep me from implementing something rash.  I’m looking for an approach to alcohol that is sustainable for the next 365 days.  And then I’ll reevaluate.

4 thoughts on “Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – Days 15-18 – The Dog Days of My Experiment (7 of 12)

  1. Your audience is larger than you think, Dan. My Wine Tasting group — meeting regularly since 1981 — is following your updates, through me. They’re eager to hear your thoughts at the end of 30 days. The group consists of daily wine drinkers in their late 60s and early 70s who have no intention of quitting but are curious about your experiment.

  2. Thank you Jackie! That is very nice of you to include others. I am working on the post-experiment posting even now. What a great thing to have developed and nurtured – A Wine Tasting Group! One major key to long, healthy life is being with others, especially kindred spirits (You see what I did there!). Congrats to you all.

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