Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – Days 9-11 – A Framework Emerges (5 of 12)

Cleanse morning buzz

July 19 – Day 9 – I’m feeling peppier.  Could there be a connection to my no alcohol month?  Maybe, but there are so many factors that could be contributing to that extra energy, I just can’t say it’s no alcohol.  Take today.  Waking at 430A, I am on the tee at 515A at Amesbury (MA) Country Club with our daughter Molly.  After nine holes, we breakfast at the Morning Buzz in town.  Though a decaf drinker, I have one extra cup of regular joe knowing my workout at Coastal Fitness lies ahead.

At the gym, I am on fire!  So, is it one cup of joe, marginally better sleep that might be attributed to no alcohol, or the positive boost being with Molly?   Probably an unknowable combination of all three.

July 20 – Day 10 – Not drinking remains easy peezy.  Reading online about people giving up alcohol, I see there is not much agreement whether one loses weight or not.   When having no alcohol, I can see the temptation to have extra doughnut or dessert since I’m not having all those alcohol calories.  By the way, a glass of red wine has 125 calories, beer 154.

Cleanse mike's and sparkly water

An easy choice on our front deck

It’s a blistering hot Saturday here on the coast of Maine that reminds me of Arizona summers!  Though summertime in the Cactus State has none of the high humidity that we have this 92F day, I do feel the all-day debilitating sluggishness that comes with being outside on such days.

On the deck, on a day that would be perfect for an ice cold Mike’s Hard Lemonade, I choose sparkly water.  No sacrifice and no surprise, the sparkly water refreshes without a bit of sluggish mellowness.

July 21 – Day 11 – With our windows open wide, oscillating fans on each of us in our first floor bedroom, last night we went to bed with it being 83F in our house.  By morning it was only down to 80F!  No surprise that I sleep poorly.  Heat or no heat, I have seen no real improvement in my sleeping.

With a 93F day in the cards today, Hannah and I are off early for a bike ride to Ogunquit seven miles away.  Talking as we ride side by side, I believe this 30-day cleanse will be a success if I come out of with a personal strategy for alcohol consumption.  Likely, a glass of red wine and a brew will be a part of my life, but on what occasions and how often?   I feel a game plan evolving.

6 thoughts on “Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – Days 9-11 – A Framework Emerges (5 of 12)

  1. Keep it up, Dan. I’m sure writing in a blog helps motivate you to be successful with your 30-day commitment. I would imagine if you are about to have a weak moment and give in to the temptation of a cold brew, the thought that you have to tell that to your fan-base must be a help in saying “No”. Maybe I need to start a blog! On another note, your temps are crazy. We have had fall-like temps all week here on the Georgia mountaintop. It was 68 one morning with a wonderful breeze as I walked the dogs; and only got to a high of 85 that day. I know the heat waves will be back in August, but it has been absolutely wonderful.

  2. Hope your weather returns to normal soon.
    You’re doing great with the cleanse. It may take experimenting but you’ll find what works for you long term.
    My goal was never to really give up alcohol. I did it for a surgery and while recovering. After that, I just enjoyed the new found energy. I was a sleepy drinker, even a half glass wine would make me wish for a nap.

    • It’s been a gorgeous week in the upper 70s, near 80F on the coast of Maine. I think the 30-day nature of my experiment with no alcohol will help me create a plan that isn’t rash, and more likely to be one I can commit to long term.

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