Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – Days 6-8 – Screwing up a time honored ritual (4 of 12)

July 16Day 6 – A good night of sleep.  And by that I mean, up once and no extended awake time overnight.  I’m just feeling perky this morning.  Could it be the dry 61F morning?  Could it be looking forward to the day going to the gym, walking at the marina in New Castle, NH, then dining with friends?  Or it could be, where the smart money is, the cleanse!

Cleanse mandy, lisa, and han

Mandy and Lisa with Hannah with water and a slice of lemon

This evening we dine with our friends Mandy and Lisa at the Green Bean in New Castle, NH on a patio overlooking the marina.  Spectacular night.  Reasonably priced salads and sandwiches (and by that I mean $10).  As for drinks, notice in the picture we have water with a slice of lemon.  Hannah and I do not buy $9 glasses of wine out ever, cleanse or no cleanse.  A couple our age in conversation to our right sits with a glass of wine as the sun dips towards the horizon.  I swoon briefly, then buckle up for 24 more days.

July 17Day 7 – A fine sleep but not spectacular.  Possibly being conscious of not drinking liquids after 3P has as much to do with my improved sleep as not drinking alcohol?  In addition, I do feel lighter with more pizzazz over the past week.

Og 1C H on beach

Ogunquit Beach

As we walk on the wide Ogunquit Beach at 540A, I think on this 7th day that I’m looking forward to learning something about my future with alcohol on, say, the 25th day that I just don’t know now.

Over coffee and biscuits at McDonald’s with our California friends, Scott and Tree, I learn Scott has been “cleansing” for 19+ years.  Impressive indeed, but that’s not where I am heading.

I am figuring out where alcohol fits into my life.  I want to use these 30 days without alcohol distraction to come up with a game plan – a strategy.  Clearly, I want to be intentional about my alcohol use rather than just fall back into a habit of a glass of wine each evening.  Maybe just for celebrations?  On vacation?  Stay tuned.

July 18Day 8 – Today I’ve got another favorite ritual that I will upend with my cleanse.  After an hour and a half of ping pong with my buddy George, we usually sit with a brew, toasting life and friendship.  As an excellent opponent and a better friend, George’s company tops off my afternoon.

Cleanse Geo Derby

At the Jimmy Fund 10K Fundraiser in Boston with George Derby

By the way, George is a craft beer aficionado and I learn about good beer at the feet of a master.  But having a beer with buddy is about sharing a beer with a buddy.  I’m guessing our ritual will take a hiatus.  One drinking, one not.  That just doesn’t work.  I’d love for him to have a beer while we still sit after we play.

After our ping pong, George says, “I can’t drink alone,” and he’s right.  We don’t, but this tradition is one that is coming back in 22 days.  You can take that to the bank.

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