Dan Attempts a 30-Day Cleanse – Days 4-5 – The Surprise (3 of 12)

July 14Day Four – I was hoping my sleep would be on a trajectory to the moon of good night sleeps as I strung together days without wine.  No such luck.  Still, into my fourth day of no alcohol, I have no waiver in me.  It’s not quite as easy (but still very doable) when the original reason (by that I mean sleeping better) is showing hit and miss results.  No one promised me it would be a bed of roses (you see what I did there!)

Sitting with Hannah in the evening is the encouraging same for me, the BA in elementary education grad from Arizona State as I munch on various veggies (green peppers, carrots, celery, and sweet potatoes).  Another small victory.

July 15Day Five – I awoke to the still darkness of the morning as our bedroom shades are only half down so the overnight cool can sweep into our room and bathe us with a comforting chill.  I lay here for 45 minutes, maybe an hour thinking, sh**, I’m not falling back asleep.

And then I notice dawn’s first light come around the window!  Hot damn, it’s nearly dawn!  Going out to the dining room to check the time, I see that it is now 445A on the microwave clock!  Victoire!  I’ve slept seven hours straight.  I’ll take that any day.  I hope it’s related to no alcohol.  Or maybe just cumulative fatigue from last night’s poor sleep?

Cleanse Family Rawding

Max (5), Molly, Owen (nearly 7), Tip

This afternoon we are in for a surprise.

Coming to Massachusetts to be with our grandsons, Owen and Max, Hannah and I find them ready to play games.  We play cornhole in their backyard, followed by card games of Uno and Zeus on the Loose at the patio picnic table.  After dinner, I read to Max from the Batman book (the boys absolute favorite) while Hannah reads to Owen.

Cleanse M and P at golf

With our first born

Once the boys are in bed, we sit outside with our daughter Molly and her hubby Tip for our usual pre-dinner glass of wine; a glass of wine, for the first time, I decline.  As I tell them about my cleanse, I notice Molly sips from her water bottle.  Molly nods and smiles.  Unbeknownst to Hannah and me, Molly has not had a glass of wine in ten days herself for she too has had trouble sleeping after a glass of wine.

What are the odds that we’d each start a July cleanse without the other knowing about it!  Go Molly Go.  Go Danny Go.

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