Dan and Hannah Want to Introduce You to 4Ocean

4Ocean image

Hannah and I were blown away by this less than three minute video about the amazing amount of plastics in the ocean and what can be done about it.  Our daughter-in-law Laurel was moved to action to buy the bracelets when she saw the video as did my Arizona State college roommate Rich and his wife Mary.

Click on this link


Thank you, Mary.

4Ocean image

PS  From Time Magazine (April 1, 2019) – 88 pounds of plastic found in the belly of a dead whale that washed up in the Philippines on March 16!


6 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Want to Introduce You to 4Ocean

  1. Dan: Greetings from the beautiful North Georgia mountains!!, Marcia and I were impressed, also, with the 4ocean organization. We’ve ordered eight bracelets to give our kids and grands. We’ll present them this summer on our annual vacation in the Florida Panhandle on the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks for making us aware via your blog. Hope this finds you and Hannah well. Keep on pickle’n, Billy & Marcia Johnson

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