Dan and Hannah Offer You Mindfulness 101

Mind U of SB

Hannah and I have been Unity folks for a good while.  Though we have no Unity community here in New England, we do regularly attend the Unity of Santa Barbara when we are in California.  As such, we meditate and give mindfulness our best shot.

If you ever wondered why isn’t there a humorous, brief (less than three minutes) animation that explains mindfulness, wonder no more.   (It’s a hoot even if you are not into mindfulness.)


Thank you, Larry.

12 thoughts on “Dan and Hannah Offer You Mindfulness 101

  1. Hi Dan and Hannah!

    I think this was narrated by Dan Harris who wrote 10% Happier. I enjoyed that book. Did you read it? I also found Mindful magazine in the library and have been inspired to be more mindful. I love hearing about your travels, adventures and insights. Keep up the good work! XO Paula

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  2. I enjoyed the mindfulness animation very much.
    For the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting in a little meditation time myself.
    Makes for a very restful, peaceful time for oneself.

    Thanks for sending!

    Be well,


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    1302 Snowberry Drive
    Williamstown, NJ 08094


  3. I love this! As a single parent for (nearly) 17 years, slowing down never felt like an option to me. Most days meditation is excruciating for me, but I am working on it! Thank you for the reminder! Much love to you and Hannah! Xoxo

    • It’s just believing that life is better if we take some time to slow down, to meditate. There always seems like there is more to do. We live our priorities more than what we say our priorities are. Time for me to live this one on daily basis.

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