Dan at 71! Part 7 Finale

71 unity

After many years of not knowing and not believing, I now believe in God, but… it’s not in the traditional sense.   Let me explain.

I grew up Lutheran (Dad’s choice, Mom was raised Methodist), Hannah and I briefly attended a Quaker Meeting, gave the Universalist-Unitarian Church a shot as well as attended the local Congregational church all to develop a sense of community.  For the last five years, Hannah and I are Unity folks.  Based in the example of Jesus, Unity draws on the wisdom of all the world’s great religions (i.e. Hindu, Islam, Native Americans, Christianity, etc.).  God is within me and you.

Hannah and I will not be buried or cremated when we cash in our chips.  We are donating our bodies to the med school at the University of New England.

71 d and h in ojai

I married the girl of my dreams – one Hannah Banana.

I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Judge not.  Everyone is dealing with something.


8 thoughts on “Dan at 71! Part 7 Finale

  1. Dan, I appreciate your journey in faith. Many faiths believe in God. It’s the belief in Christ that we are considered Christians. Unity sounds beautiful.

  2. Every time I finish reading one of your posts, I feel better about our world, knowing that you and Hannah are in it. I’m sad to see this series end. I had hoped for 71 posts!

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